Go Back in Time at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

by Erik

I love fall. The season, not the act of landing flat on one’s face after tripping. It is my favorite season although winter is a close second. Football, leaves, crisp chilly air, pumpkin patches, Halloween and Thanksgiving are just a few of the reasons I love fall. But for me, one of my favorite fall activities is the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg. For eight weekends in September and October you can travel back in time to see knights in armor, ladies in waiting and a queen. All without the Plague or Cholera.


There is actually so much to do it’s hard to sit here and list it all and do it justice, But I’ve been going for almost 20 years and I still see new stuff every year. For starters, there is the joust. Now to be fair, this is not full contact jousting, it’s theatrical (they have to do this three times a day after all), but it is entertaining nonetheless. Come root for your favorite knight as the Queen looks on and awards a prize to the champion. Then there is the Mudde Show. Yes, you read that correctly. Mud. A large pit of mud and three grown men willing to make fools of themselves in it. Always entertaining. And this year the little one decided she wanted to sit right in the Very. Front. Row.

ohio renaissance festival

She got splattered quite nicely, although not as much as I think she was hoping for. I think next year we need to see Beowulf instead of Dante’s Inferno. One of my favorites this year was Albannach, a high energy Scottish Pipe and drum show (yes I like bagpipes).

And of course one cannot forget the food. There is nothing quite like a fresh turkey leg as you are strolling in the fall weather or some beef stew in a bread bowl.

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Or is shopping more your thing? The Renaissance Festival has over 140 craftsmen from all over the country that are dedicated to making crafts from the actual renaissance period. Whether it is leather goods or swords or authentic handcrafted chain mail (from my good friends at Stillwater Chainmaille).

Ohio Renaissance Festival

So if you have any inclination to be entertained or eat some really good food or shop for some fun and unique handcrafted items, you should check out the Ohio Renaissance Festival  open weekends now through October 23rd. You won’t regret it.



Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post in the form of free admission to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. But you know what, if I paid for tickets my opinion would be the same, it’s an awesome time for the whole family.

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Ronald Gagnon October 4, 2016 - 8:40 pm
I live in Alberta, Canada, and we do not have anything like the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg...I envy you
Carolyn Massey October 9, 2016 - 10:00 am
When we lived in Tennessee we would go to the Renaissance Fair every year. Was so much fun and loved the period clothing. I don't think they have one here in Indiana.

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