The Best Apps To Make Traveling Less Tedious

by Heather
Photo Credit: Pexels

Photo Credit: Pexels

When you’ve booked a holiday, arriving at your destination is all fun and games. You can relax, enjoy yourself and experience all kinds of exciting things. But let’s face it, getting there (and particularly getting home again) is no fun whatsoever. Flight cancellations, missed transfers, lost luggage and sitting on a plane for hours is nothing short of tedious. And while there’s nothing that will make your flight time shorter, there are ways that you can travel from one place to another without so much stress. Better still, everything you need is at the touch of a button on your smartphone. Here are the best apps to make traveling less tedious!

Tracking Apps

Tracking apps can be used for everything from locating lost luggage to locating a lost friend. You can even find out where your bus is! Shofur bus app for Android, for example tells you where your bus is in real time. This takes the frustration out of waiting. Because we all know that there’s nothing worse than standing at a bus stop and having no idea if (or when) the bus is going to arrive.

Entertainment Apps

Having your own little entertainment center in your pocket certainly makes waiting around that bit easier. You could download movies, watch videos on YouTube, listen to the radio, play games or read books. You could take photos and upload them to your social media accounts. Anything to keep you entertained when you’re sitting on the plane, or waiting around while you’re getting to your destination.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Photo Credit: Pexels

Review Apps

You’re never going to be able to visit everywhere when you arrive at your destination. To make sure you’re going to places that are best suited to you, and you’ll get the most enjoyment out of- check out reviews. There are tons to choose from, so find an app that shows reviews for things like restaurants, bars, and entertainment. That way you can spend your time and money at the best places for you.

Tip Calculator Apps

These are particularly handy if you’re traveling from a place that doesn’t generally tip such as Europe to one that does, such as the US. (Or if you’re just bad at math!) Rather than memorizing how much you’re supposed to tip your cab driver, waiter, doorman or bartender let the app do the work for you. You have peace of mind that you won’t unintentionally look rude. Plus it takes the hassle out of working out percentages and memorizing more information.

Messaging Apps

No more spending way over the odds on text messages and phone calls home. Thanks to messaging apps like Whatsapp, all you need is a data bundle or access to WiFi. Then you’re able to send messages, videos, and photos to anywhere in the world.

What are your must-have apps for when you’re traveling or on vacation?

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Ronald Gagnon October 5, 2016 - 7:44 pm
Incredible what these apps can do..however I am going to have to update my phone

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