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Ladies Swim Cap by Home Spa

by Heather


I like big hair and I cannot lie, all you other brothers can’t deny.

Ok, so Sir Mix-a-lot I am not. But I do have a lot of hair. I have so much hair that washing and drying it can take days. Ok, not really day, but it takes a while to wash it and condition and dry it. So I only do it once a month. Just kidding. That would be gross. I actually wash it once a day, whether it needs it or not.

There are however times that I don’t want to get my hair wet. When it’s raining. Or there’s a monsoon. Or a hurricane. Or a tornado. Or I’m swimming (that’s not as often as I would like because I don’t have a pool and the husband thinks the cost of an in-ground pool is too expensive). Or on occasion when I’m taking a shower and don’t actually want to wash my hair. On those occasions my options are pretty much put a bag over my hair or let it get wet. Since getting it wet isn’t a good option, I’ve had to resort to a bag. And that’s just not fun. Plus the hubby makes fun of me.

Now however I have a new option. A Large Silicone Ladies Swim Cap (or Shower Cap) by Home Spa. Talk about awesome. It’s super soft silicone that makes it easy to put on without snagging your hair or pulling. It keeps my hair dry whether I’m swimming or showering. It stretches to accommodate big hair. Now I don’t have “big” hair (this isn’t the 80’s), but I do have thick hair with a lot of natural volume. That makes it hard to get into a regular shower cap, although I will say the hubby loves to grab on to it. Wait, what was I saying? Umm, hmmm, I wonder if I could find a way to work that into getting the in-ground pool that I want. This plan may be promising!

Ladies Swim Cap

About the Large Silicone Ladies Swim Cap (or Shower Cap) by Home Spa

First, anytime you buy online shipping can be a blessing or a nightmare. I was pleased with how quickly the company processed my order and shipped my ladies swim cap. Yes, I keep calling it a ladies swim cap because that was my intended purpose for use when I picked up the product.

My ladies swim cap arrived in a clear plastic pouch. The packaging was simple but that was perfect as that is all the product really needs. Just a warning, as soon as I removed the cap from the pouch I noticed an unpleasant, chemically scent. Have no fear the smell was short lived as it dissipated quickly.

Probably most shocking was how large the ladies swim cap actually is. As I began to unfold it, I found that the cap is three to four times larger than it appeared while inside the pouch. I love the shape of the perimeter of the cap as it is smaller and then opens up to accommodate longer/thicker hair.

The first time I attempted to put my ladies swim cap on I found it to be a bit of a task. My hair was dry and down and I simply tried to slide the cap on like I would a hat; big mistake. It pulled at my hair and started to suction immediately as I pulled it on. I have to admit that I was a little frustrated wondering how I was losing battle me vs. ladies swim cap. I removed the cap, had a “talk” with it and changed my tactic. First, I put my hair up in a messy bun. Then, I took the cap and bunched it up, like I do when putting on pantyhose, and pulled it over my head. The silicone is super soft, which I like, and it is thicker which makes it resilient to the wear and tear of a heavy duty user that is showing not mercy. I may have lost the original battle but I won the war!

The ladies swim cap is comfortable. I kept it on for over an hour to see if it would pull on my hair or tighten more and result in a headache; it did not. The only downfall, for me, is that the cap may be a bit too large. I squeezed all of the air out when I put the cap on; however, there was still extra material and I couldn’t really figure out what to do with it. That being said, I love the look and feel of the cap so I am more than willing to have a little cap “flab.” Maybe I just need a bigger head! 😉

This is a must have item for anyone that swims frequently or simply swims and does not want their hair effected by the chemicals in a pool. This is also perfect for times when you don’t want to wash and completely redo your hair. I keep telling my husband that … this is not your momma’s swim cap and I think that is perfectly fitting. Think about the swim caps of yesteryear (okay, I know people still use them but you get the idea). In other words … buy, buy, buy and enjoy!



Disclosure: I received complimentary product or at a discounted rate to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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laurie damrose March 28, 2015 - 5:25 pm

OOh I have to look into this ,thank you.

Amber Ludwig March 28, 2015 - 6:53 pm

I too have BIG hair!! And I totally don’t wash it all the time either… and never want to get it wet in public!! Afro city!! Im so glad this cap accommodates looooots of hair 🙂 cuz it could come in real handy.

Cynthia Knisely March 28, 2015 - 7:17 pm

Your review of the Ladies Swim Cap by Home Spa. Not only can you use it for swimming but taking showers too!


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