Ice Sphere Molds by Infernal Innovations Review #IceBallMold

by Heather


Who doesn’t love an ice cold drink on a hot summer day? NO ONE, that’s who. Who doesn’t like to feel nice and sophisticated while doing it as well? Again no one, that’s who.

The Infernal Innovations Ice Sphere Molds completely accomplish that. These perfect spheres are so much better than the mundane cubed or crushed ice you normally get. The drinkability is also so much better as well. You don’t have the issues of the ice melting together and causing a drinking issue. Never once did I not have a perfect smooth flow of liquid. Never once did I have the issue of the now forgotten cubed ice come crashing into my face while I was drinking. I now want to use these and only these little balls of frozen joy with every drink. My drink was always perfectly chilled and I was never worried about a watered down drink.

Along with those pluses I always felt so sophisticated with this cube in my glass. Because of this frozen piece of heaven I found the creativeness to branch out and enjoy some cocktails these cubes where intended for. I was never one for these cocktails but found them rather enjoyable and I credit that to the cubes. Along with that I would always get a second look at my glass when people where over, always followed by a request for one of their own for their drink. Sorry but these cubes are for me only!

The simplistic nature was also a very nice plus with this product. Simply fill to the line and put the lid on. Sit back wait and enjoy. How easy is that? I only wish that there were more than two per pack.

Now it’s off to the refrigerator and to figure out a way to make my ice cube maker produce the frozen ice spheres I crave now.

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  • Sleek and stylish
  • Ultra slow melting
  • Neatly stackable so they won’t tip
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Specially designed grooves to catch excess water and prevent leaks
  • INFERNAL flame logo freezes into every sphere


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