8 Ways to Make Your Home More Child Friendly

by Heather

Having a child friendly home means having a home that is safe for children to be in, but works for you, so you don’t constantly have to watch them or tidy up after them at all times. There are lots of different things you can do, but the following ideas are some of the most effective:


1. Get Everybody Involved in the Decoration Process

By getting your children involved in the decoration process when they are old enough, they’ll think twice before wiping their grubby fingers on your sofa. This helps them to feel a sense of ownership in the home and will stop them from doing things mindlessly – like wearing muddy shoes on the new rug. Ask the kids what they’d like to see in the house. Remember that your house will never really be tidy with kids around, so try to go for a design that will look great even with a bit of mess.

2. Try to Keep Things Simple

Try not to go too OTT when it comes to your decor and keep things fairly simple. As mentioned before, I wouldn’t focus on eliminating clutter altogether, as your kids will only make more instantly. Avoid sofas with fringing, as kids will tug at this out of curiosity. The same goes for tablecloths and long curtains! Stick to simple sofas, blinds, and don’t have anything too expensive lying around. A perspex nest of tables would be perfect for displaying certain items or for use as a side table.

3. Cover Sharp Corners

Sharp corners can be a nuisance when your child is playing. Falling and banging their heads on corners is what children tend to do, so at least if you have the sharp corners covered you know they aren’t going to need stitches.

4. Keep Breakable Items on Higher Shelves

Any expensive, breakable items should be placed on higher shelves away from curious little hands. This will stop things from getting smashed and injuries from occurring.

5. Keep Chemicals and Medicines Locked Away

All chemicals and medicines need to be locked away in a cupboard with a secure stopper on it. In fact, I recommend you have a child lock on each cupboard your child could get in to, regardless of what’s in them. Kids are very curious and you never know what mischief they might get into!

6. Install Baby Gates

The stairs and the kitchen can be dangerous places, so install baby gates to stop your child from getting hurt. If you buy a baby gate that is good enough, they’ll only be able to enter the kitchen and go up the stairs when you help them.

7. Have an Alarm for When Somebody Goes Outside

When you’re busy, it’s all too easy to lose track of your child for 5 minutes. In this time, they could have gone outside, and made their way down the road or even found a neighbor’s pond/pool. This is when disasters happen. An alarm on the door will let you know when somebody is trying to sneak outside.

8. Cover Your Electric Outlets

Children think nothing of sticking their fingers in electric outlets. Make sure you cover them over with plastic covers when not in use to stop this!

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