Go Softer with Snuggle’s Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Fabric Softener

by Karen Hand

Getting fresh and soft clothing is no challenge if you have the Exhilarations Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Fabric Softener from Snuggle.

Go Softer with Snuggle’s Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Fabric Softener

I’ve been using Snuggle Fabric Softeners in my wash for a long time. I love the convenience, as well as the fresh scents that stay with my clothing from wash to wash. I normally use the Lavender scented Snuggle, but when I learned that Snuggle had just released a new scent, their Island Hibiscus & Rainflower scent, I was anxious to give it a try. Most of the time, I use the dryer sheets as I forget to put the liquid form of fabric softener into my washer since it does not have a separate fabric softener and bleach dispenser. However, even when I do remember to use the liquid form, all of the Snuggle fabric softeners leave my laundry fresh for many days following laundering.


Many thanks to Snuggle for allowing me to review three Snuggle products: Snuggle Exhilarations Fabric Softener Sheets and Snuggle Exhilarations Concentrated Fabric Softener in the Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Scent, and Snuggle Scent Boosters in the Island Dream fragrance. All three products are part of the new Island Collection. I received these products free from Snuggle Bear Den for the purpose of this review.

Dictionary.com defines “exhilarations” as a condition or feeling, and that is exactly the perfect name for this line of products. My husband loves the fresh scent of the Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Snuggle Fabric Softener, as it brightens his mood. It is definitely his favorite scent of all the Snuggle products.

If you prefer to use a fabric softener sheet over a liquid fabric softener, then the Snuggle Exhilaration Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Fabric Softener Sheets are just what you need. Each box contains 70 sheets, which measure 6.4 inches x 9 inches. To experience the Snuggle freshness, for a regular dryer load, place one sheet on top of the wet clothes in your dryer and for larger loads, use two sheets. You will love the convenience of these fabric softener sheets without having to wait for the rinse cycle of your washer. For maximum softness and freshness, only use the sheets once and discard after use.

Snuggle Scent Boosters are an easy way to give your laundry the boost of freshness that you want. For long-lasting freshness, as well as excellent static control, simply toss one of the scent boosters in your washer prior to adding your clothing. For larger loads use two pacs. These pacs dissolve completely in all water temperatures and safe for all types of clothing including sleepwear. The 14.1 ounce package contains 20 concentrated Scent Pacs. As part of the New Island Collection, the Island Dream fragrance, the pacs are safe for all washers. To retain the fresh scent of these pacs, keep the container sealed between uses and store in a cool dry place.

littleHeLogoSafe for standard and HE machines

If your favorite form of fabric softener is a liquid form, then the Snuggle Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Concentrated Fabric Softener is the product for you with a scent that lasts from wash to wash. The 32 fluid ounce bottle is enough to wash 32 loads of wash. Aside from the fresh scent that you get from Snuggle, the convenient markings on the cap are extremely helpful. For a regular load, fill the cap with Snuggle Fabric Softener to the second line and for larger loads, fill the cap to the third line and place in the fabric softener dispenser of your washer.

Snuggle Fabric Softeners comes in a variety of forms to include liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. All the Exhilarations products are offered in an assortment of scents including: Sweet Blossom & Wild Flowers, White Lilac & Spring Flowers, Wild Orchid & Vanilla, Blue Iris & Bamboo Silk, White Lavender & Sandlewood. The other fabric softeners that Snuggle carries are in a Gentle Spring scent and Blue Sparkle. These are also offered in a liquid form or dryer sheet.

Snuggle Fabric Softeners can be found in most retail stores. But, in case your favorite store does not carry Snuggle products, simply go to the Snuggle website and use the “Find Snuggle” button. Be sure to watch for any coupon offers, as well, so that you can experience the softness for yourself.

Visit Snuggle’s social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube and let the company know which of the Snuggle products that you prefer: liquid or dryer sheets, as well as the scent you like best.

You will not be disappointed with the new Snuggle Island Hibiscus & Rainflower Fabric Softener, as this fabric softener will leave your laundry smelling fresh from wash to wash. Why not pick up a bottle next time you do your shopping.

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Linda Manns Linneman August 2, 2015 - 2:51 pm
I love Snuggle products also and my favorite has always been lavender. I guess because it is such a relaxing scent. I will have to give these new products a try. Thank you so much for sharing
lisa August 2, 2015 - 4:12 pm
I haven't tried the new scent yet. Their fabric softeners do keep laundry smelling nice for days.
Barrie August 3, 2015 - 12:40 pm
I love my clothes to smell good. I love the new scents now available!

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