Educational Apps for Kids by Kid’s Academy Review

by Heather

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We were recently given the opportunity to review three educational children’s apps from Kid’s Academy.

Kids Learning Games iTunes Kids Academy

The first app that we tried was Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games. This app is intended for children ages 5 and under and focuses on ABC alphabet phonics, letter tracing, and learning to read.

My favorite part of this app is the soothing voice that guides little ones through the sound of each letter as well as how each words sounds. Like a lot of little ones, my daughter is still working on developing her speech and a friendly voice that guides her through these lessons has proven most beneficial.

Kids Learning iTunes Kids Academy

The second app that we were introduced to was the Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games for Girls and Boys. This app is geared towards children age 5 and under and uses games to introduce kids to foundations in reading, writing, and arithmetic operations.

My favorite part of this app is the animated flashcards that lead my daughter through letters and words. Instead of trying to teach my daughter through verbal communication this app provide an outlet that stimulates her brain through sight. This is a great educational tool as this will allow her to retrieve a visual cue as she remembers something that she learned in this app.


The third app was Best Kids Songs. Created for children age 4+, this app introduces kids to popular children’s songs. Catchy tunes and simple lyrics provide tons of entertainment and if you aren’t careful, hours of fun!

We really enjoyed introducing our daughter to songs that we are familiar with. It was fun to sit back and listen to her sing along to Bingo. It was cute when she was introduced to the story of The Three Little Pigs as well. She loved that she was able to record her singing and play it back; she thinks she is a rock star now! She also loved that the app included games with farm animals because she knows ALL of the sounds that they make.

My only complaint about the Kid’s Academy apps is that our family only received the FREE version of the app for review; the version that is available to everyone. I fell I would have been able to provide more and better information had we been able to see the whole picture.

Still, Kid’s Academy apps provide educational resources make learning fun and in this momma’s opinion that is extremely important. This allows us to build a solid foundation for future learning. The graphics are sleek and bright which is always a bonus when attempting to hold the attention of a younger child. I also appreciate the calm and friendly voice that is used in the apps as it made my daughter more comfortable and eager to jump in and start learning from the start. We highly recommend Kid’s Academy apps; however, I would probably recommend purchasing the whole app as the free version is extremely limited.

We also enjoy the playful background music/sounds and the characters that we have met along the way. Two thumbs up from our family!


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kid’s Academy and a campaign with Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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