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CampusBookRentals.com vs Zombie Apocalypse

by Heather

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When your kids go to college, they have to buy textbooks.

When your kids buy textbooks, they pay way too much.

When they pay way too much, they use all their money.

When they use all their money, they end up having to sell blood to get money to eat.

When they sell blood to get money to eat, they don’t have the energy to wake up for class.

When they don’t have the energy to wake up for class, they skip class.

When they skip class, they fail out of school.

When they fail out of school, they move back home.

When they move back home, they take over your basement.

When they take over your basement, there is nowhere for you to hide when the Zombie Apocalypse comes.

When there is nowhere for you to hide from the Zombie Apocalypse, your brain is eaten by a zombie.

Seriously, don’t let this happen to you. It’s called the Butterfly Effect, when some simple action, like a butterfly flapping its wings, causes a growing chain of events that ends up with a hurricane destroying California. It’s real science (I know because I read it on the interweb). You don’t want your brain to get eaten by a zombie just because your kids didn’t rent their textbooks instead of paying outrageous bookstore prices. And you know what else will protect your brain from Brain-eating Zombies? Renting out the textbooks that your kids are forced to buy through CampusBookRental.com‘s Rentback program, a great way to make some money back.

Don’t get eaten by a zombie. Make sure your kids get their textbooks from CampusBookRentals.com.

CampusBookRentals.com … free shipping, flexible rental periods, and a savings of 40-90% off bookstore prices!

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