A Battle Plan for Dealing With Your Self-Esteem Demons

by Erik

Most of us are at least somewhat prone to self-criticism. Some of us may not go to the extremes of others. There are those of us who wave off any compliment we receive with some sort of barb at ourselves. Some of us go out of our way to say we aren’t attractive, intelligent or funny. And while there is no doubt that some people do this as an attempt to fish for compliments, with others it is a sign of low self-esteem.

Self-esteem is crucial in all our lives. It allows us to act with confidence, to perform at our best. And it is a cycle, too. The more confidence you feel, the better you do, and the more people you engage. The more people you engage, the more confidence you will feel. It feeds itself – but when there are points where you feel vulnerable, self-esteem can be fragile at best. It can keep you up at night.

You’re Not Happy with How You Look


How it can feel when you have low self esteem

It’s no shock that more than half of all women, and nearly half of men, are in some way unhappy with how they look. We are given a lot of unrealistic goals to live up to. But even without looking at a glossy magazine, it is all too easy to fall into negative self-image and body dysmorphia.

So if there is a way that you can feel better about how you look, it is worth reaching out for it. Whether that be by checking out Roxy Plastic Surgery details or another method, it’s important. Being able to look yourself in the mirror and be happy is crucial.

You’re Not Happy With How Much You Know

So many of us – often incorrectly – will offhandedly say something like “Oh, don’t ask me, I don’t know anything.” Some of us are guilty of underestimating our own intelligence, and so many of the people who overestimate theirs shout the loudest. But if you really feel there are gaps in your knowledge there are always steps you can take.

Night classes are a good way to meet more people and gain more knowledge. There are also online correspondence courses that can give you qualifications. These can be achieved without having to put your dignity on the line, if you’re concerned about people knowing more than you.

You’re Not Happy With Your Ability To Talk To People

Social awkwardness is something that affects perhaps more people than ever before. This may be a mirror image of the great deal of self-confidence that seems to seep from others. When the entire world seems to be posting a million pictures on Instagram (and getting a billion likes), it can seem like only you aren’t confident.


How introverts can feel in large groups of people

The truth is, some of us are introverts, and that’s OK. You don’t have to be one of those people talking to hundreds of people in a booming voice. You don’t have to hold court at big parties. As long as you speak to the people you know and like, you’re doing fine. The world needs people with brimming confidence, sure – but it also needs those of us who think before they speak.

If self-esteem is a problem for you, trace its source. The truth is that other people will likely see you in a much better light than you do yourself. Look for what they see.

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