Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight Review

by Heather

1531938_578116572277343_308356062_nSo have you ever had to get under the kitchen sink to fix something? No? Me neither. That’s what the hubby is for. I have to keep him around for something after all.  How about in a closet? Or behind a toilet? Or under a desk? Or under the stairs? Or when the power’s out and you need to flip a breaker? Or you’re wielding a two handed battle-axe at night fending off brain-eating zombies?

These all have two things in common. You need to be able to see and you need both hands free. It’s hard to shine a flashlight and kill zombies. It’s also really hard to fix a sink or garbage disposal while lying on your back holding a flashlight with one hand. Tripod flashlights can help but they never seem to point the light right where you need it.

So what are you gonna do? The Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight is the perfect solution. This awesome headlamp is functional and comfortable. It lets you leave both hands free for working in those tight spaces where you need both hands free (or for zombie killing). It fits snugly without being too tight and is easy to adjust. And the LED lights are super bright (and because they are LED, the batteries really last).


Also, it has several different light modes, so it can also be used for those of you who actually like to walk or run…at night. But if you actually like that you are weird and need to stay away from me and my headlamp…

Too harsh?

If you are a lover of everything outdoors this Northbound Train’s Headlamp is perfect for you. In addition to the traditional white light, this bad boy also has three other lighting options to be used, a needed, based on your situation. First, the red light! No, this one is not just for holidays with a red theme; the red light preserves night vision and does not disturb others (e.g. reading in bed or in the tent). Second, my favorite, the strobe light! This light is designed as a safety/warning beacon when walking/riding at night. Finally, the dimmer! Pressing and holding the button on the headlamp allows the user to set the exact light needed. In addition to providing perfect lighting, this feature also saves battery power.


A lightweight headlamp that has four lighting options and allows me to work hands free while killing zombies exercising? I’m in!

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Tony July 10, 2014 - 4:52 am
Great review. I prefer a headlamp when walking at night. It beats having to lug around with a flashlight in one hand.

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