Moving With Kids is Stressful. Here’s a Few Tips to Make it Smoother!

by Heather

Moving is always unpleasant. Throw kids into this mix, and you are heading for disaster. After all, an empty box is not a storage device to a child. It is a fort. Or a car. A box is much more than a simple box. While you want to encourage their active imaginations, this can put something of a block on moving. Moving is tough. With kids, it becomes more like an impossible dream.

However, you need not despair. There are some amazing tips that you can utilize while you are moving with the kids in tow. With these tips, you do not have to give up on your dream of moving simply because you have children. The whole affair can be relatively stress-free if you follow these top tips.



Hire the Professionals

Hiring a professional crack team of moving specialists will take the stress out of moving. Everyone knows that kids behave better around strangers. Heaven forbid that they do this with their parents. If you are looking to make your home moving venture a stress-free affair, hire professional experts.. They will take the stress out of moving on your behalf. This will give you time to spend with your children while you say goodbye to your old home and hello to your new one. A simple Google search for professional movers will assist you with your stress free quest. For example, searching using location and your requirements will help. Let’s take a look at this example; type into Google professional movers from Chicago. This will retrieve results of movers in Chicago. It is that simple.

Ask Family and Friends to Help

Asking your friends and family for help is imperative. While you may not feel like you want to burden people, asking for help will keep you sane while you move. Grandparents relish the opportunity to spend more time with their grandchildren. Even if they look after the kids while you pack up their rooms, this can prove to be an excellent assistance. Aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters will all come running to help. But, you need to ask them first. After all, they are not mind-readers. They can help with the childcare, or they can help you with packing and organizing. Compile a list of tasks that you will delegate to individual people. You need to remain organized in the midst of the move. Having kids makes you the master of time management, or so people will have you believe!

Hire a Babysitter

If your family is busy on certain days, hire a babysitter. They can take care of the kids while you get down to the packing. If you have a reliable, local babysitter, utilize their care skills. If they look after your children on a regular basis, then this friendly face will be perfect. Your neighbors may want to help too. Hiring a babysitter frees up more time for you and your significant other to get back to the packing and planning. Children can become particularly unsettled when they cannot play. By seeking out the services of a babysitter they can ensure that they are getting more fun time. This means that you can move without worrying what mischief the kids are getting in to. Let’s be honest, if you take your eye off them for a second, you could end up with more work on your hands.

Organize and Plan like a Military Captain

Time management and planning is imperative. Taking the stress out of your moving ventures is easy once you have a schedule of when things should take place. You need to make sure that you have lists that detail what is happening and when.

Compiling a spreadsheet of key dates can be an effective way of taking the stress out of moving. What is more, you can purchase a planner and calendar. This is so that you can keep abreast, and organized, of any fundamental things that need to be done. After all, people are going to need paying. Your realtor, agents, and lawyer (if needed) will have a deadline for payment. You will also need to contact relevant people making note of your new address. This means that you will have to inform them, in good time, of your moving plans. This is so that you get your mail to the right place. Keeping a list, planner, or calendar of your upcoming moving schedule will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as can be. You don’t want to leave the organization until the last minute. Critical planning, akin to a military sergeant, is imperative. Once you have sat and planned your move, the rest will be a piece of cake.

Stress-free is the aim here. Forward planning will ensure that you don’t lose your mind in the midst of moving to a new home.

Keep the Kids in the Loop

After all, the kids may be feeling sad because they are saying goodbye to their family home. Children become attached to all sorts of things. They may be feeling a sense of loss when you state that you are moving. While it is hard not to get sentimental about these things, you need to dress up your house move. This may mean saying that it is an adventure. Tell them about their new room. You can even tell them that they have full control over what they decorate their new room like. Whatever it is that will comfort them during this transition will make it easier for you to move. In the long term, they will not be emotionally scarred by moving. But, in the short term they may feel a sense of loss. You can do a lot of things to keep them involved. They will appreciate clear lines of communication. Keeping them in the loop is critical to your move being a big success.

Moving with children in tow can be an arduous endeavor. However, now you have the ultimate house moving guide, you can be rest assured that your big move will not turn into a big headache.

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