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Gleam by Melanie Mills: Makeup Review

by Heather


We all want to look tan right? We all want to glow right? Gleam’s Body Radiance is the perfect product to help you achieve all of that and more. I have never been a big fan of my legs. I am short, so I’m not one of the ladies you see out that have legs for miles! The tricks that I have discovered over the years that help me look taller and make my legs look great are sunless tanner, heels, and/or leggings. Okay, really anything helps me look taller when you are as short as I am. 😉 I know Body Radiance is not a permanent solution but let’s be honest, I don’t need my legs to look amazing when I’m at home in my pajama pants.


After I shave my legs or get out of the shower I always use lotion, so I thought I would replace my lotion with Gleam’s Body Radiance in Rose Gold! Let’s just say my legs looked AMAZING!! They were tan and looked absolutely flawless! Body Radiance goes on smooth and evenly. It also has a floral smell to it so it is pleasant to use in place of your “go to” lotion. It helps to hydrate your skin along with giving the glow that we look for and love.

Quick Tip: Another way to use your Body Radiance is to mix it with your foundation to get a great glow on your face and neck as well!


Gleam offers a wide range of products. Their Lip Radiance lip glosses come in a large range of pungent colors. I enjoyed the lip gloss texture along with the applicator itself. With names like ‘Pop My Cork’ ‘ Unstoppable’ ‘ Up against the Wall’ and my favorite ‘ With My Heels On’ with as sexy as these products are to say, I just knew that they would be sexy on and I wasn’t let down! The only downfall of the gloss is that I picked the wrong color for my skin tone. I received ‘Unstoppable’ which is a very bright red. Personally, I am not a big red girl although I have to say that it was one of the shades I chose! If you are looking for an amazing shade of red that makes your lips stand out ‘Unstoppable’ is for you! It is very long lasting and the color stays true even when the glossiness of the product isn’t so glossy after long time wear.


Last but certainly not least, the amazing Radiant Dust. This is a very diverse product one can wear as a highlighter, a shadow, or anywhere else on the body that you would like! I used the Bronze Gold and it gave me just the little extra glow that I was looking for while heading out for a day of running errands. It was subtle but noticeable enough to make me happy.

I look forward to trying some of the other great shades that Gleam offers! Their products get the thumbs up for from me across the board.




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