Be Adventurous With A South American Vacation

by Heather

Have you ever heard of “boomerang tourists?” It’s a great expression, right? They’re people who return to the same place, year after year. They don’t vary their vacations at all. They fly to the same place. They stay in the same hotel. They eat the same food. They see the same sights. They even sit in the same spots! Have you ever heard of anything so crazy?

Repeat vacations attract many people, but they’re a little pointless. The whole purpose of a trip abroad is to explore a new environment. Vacations should be exciting and refreshing experiences. You should try to immerse yourself in a new and different culture. Learn a new language. Meet the locals. Try the food. See the sights. The whole deal! Returning to the same place every year is no fun at all in my opinion. We should try new things every time we go away. Doing the same old thing is what we do at work most of the time. Why bother doing it again during our time off?

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I think that new, exciting destinations are the way forward for travelers. The world has opened up more than ever in the past few years. We can fly to all sorts of different and exotic places. The same old trips just don’t cut it anymore. With that in mind, here’s a great idea for anyone who wants an adventurous vacation. Why not visit South America?

When we think of vacations, we tend to think of the same old places. Europe. North America. Maybe Australia or Asia, if we can afford it. A South American trip isn’t on a lot of people’s radar. In recent years, there has been a large amount of growth in the Latin American tourist market. That’s understandable. There’s so much to see and do in South America.

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Take a look at South America tours from They’ll give you a flavor of some of the amazing adventures that this continent has to offer. A vacation in South America can have anything and everything on the menu. More traditional destinations lie in Brazil, the powerhouse of the continent. Sports lovers will adore Brazilian beach soccer. More flamboyant types will love the carnival atmosphere. Outside of Brazil, there’s still much to see and do. The Andes mountains of Chile can be an exciting test for daredevil tourists. The striking Atacama desert, also in Chile, is perfect for nature lovers. You could learn to tango in Buenos Aires or see the beautiful architecture of Bogota. The list is endless; the possibilities are never-ending. All people and all tastes are welcome in South America. Whatever you love – you can find it there.

We should all be a little more daring when we leave home. Our time away is precious – we shouldn’t waste it. The world is full of interesting places that nobody knows a thing about. We should all take the time to visit them and feel their atmosphere for ourselves. That way, we can leave more distinctive memories than snapshots in front of famous monuments.


Photo Credit: Flickr, via Google Images

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lindamanns February 2, 2015 - 9:37 am
These are beautiful pictures. I would love to be able to travel and to see all God has created for us. Unfortunately I am unable to do so . I enjoy reading and seeing great pictures all the bloggers have to share. Thank you
lisa September 10, 2015 - 11:50 am
I love the top photo. It sounds like you have visited so many interesting places. You're lucky! I'm still envious over the Hawaii trip.

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