5 Safest Family Cars for Less Than $25000

by Jenn

5 Safest Family Cars for Less Than 25000Safety is the leading concern among family-oriented car buyers, and features like fuel performance and the availability of discount car tires tend to take a backseat to that focus. Each year, the IIHS releases a list of the safest new cars available. In the following list, we consider the top five IIHS safety picks that have a family-friendly MSRP less than $25K.

1. Honda Accord

The IIHS top pick was the Accord by Honda, in both the 2- and 4-door configuration. The MSRP on the sedan is $21,680, and the MSRP on the sportier 2-door is just slightly higher. Both options include a high-quality, spacious interior that is perfect for the average family. The Accord also provides responsive handling, quick acceleration and a class-leading powertrain.

2. Chrysler 200

The 4-door Chrysler 200 LX starts at just $18,995, and the consumer who wants a bit more luxury can move up to the Touring or Limited trim and still come in under our $25K mark. The 200 offers a lot of passenger space and a large trunk, and it is loaded with features that are well beyond this price point. Note that the convertible version of the 200 did not perform nearly as well during IIHS tests.

3. Dodge Avenger

The name Avenger screams performance, but this Dodge is a critically-acclaimed midsized family sedan that earned “good” ratings across the IIHS board. The Avenger is not as roomy as some of the other options here, but it offers a strong V6 motor, a refined ride and many features for the price. The SE starts at $18,995, and the SXT is available at $21,695.

4. Ford Fusion

The second-generation 2013 Fusion, which Ford built after December 2012, is a refined midsized sedan that also achieved strong safety ratings. It also provides excellent fuel economy via its highly-efficient turbocharged engine, and it’s ahead of the rest of the class in terms of the advanced technology available in it. The S trim starts at $21,700, and the SE is available at $23,720.

5. Kia Optima

The Optima is a stylish and very comfortable midsize sedan by South Korean automaker Kia, and it achieved a stellar safety review by the IIHS. The basic LX version starts at $21,200, and the consumer can move up to the EX and still come in under $25K. Perhaps the aspect that most distinguishes it from the other options on this list is the lengthy and extensive warranty that Kia provides.

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