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Zubie, Zubie, Zubie! Do The Zubie and SAVE 20%! #sponsored

by Jenn

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zubie for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Zubie, Zubie, Zubie… Oh, sorry I can’t help it, I’m just loving Zubie.  Not only does it have a fun, catchy name – Zubie ROCKS! If you have not heard about it, you are going to love it as much as I do!  Check this out, Zubie is going to be your cards new BFF!,.  And, if you are looking for an awesome Valentine’s Day gift that will mean something you cannot go wrong with the Zubie! Not only will a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Zubie is the ultimate road trip buddy, whether you are jumping in the car for a romantic getaway, going to work, or turning your teen lose with the car for the very first time you are going to want Zubie in your car, and your car will love Zubie too.  Here’s why:

Zubie is a powerful device that provides real-time information on the health of your cars systems, and conditions.  Which will help keep you connected to your car, and anyone who happens to be driving your car.  Zubie is always connected, wireless, and monitors your engine and battery healthy so you can be sure your car is happy and healthy enough to get you and you loved ones where they need to go.  Zubie gives engine alerts that explain some of those confusing error codes, and help you save money with instant repair estimates.

Zubie does more than just check to make sure your car is running.  Check out all Zubie’s features!

Zubie Features

  • Always smart tracking to help keep you connected to your car.
  • Trip history! You can check a map of list of driving activity & metrics, as well as share your adventures via Facebook or email.
  • Engine health, as well as battery health.
  • Group sharing, which allows you to simplify coordination for work travel, or road trips.
  • Know when drives leave and arrive at important places, such as school and home.  (can you tell I am thinking PERFECT for my soon to be driving teen, lol?  Now I can watch her even when I am not with her, and know all kinds of important things.  Yup, check out all these other amazing features.)
  • Family map, so you can always monitor your car & family.
  • Driving – Keep track of speeding, breaking, idling, and more.
  • Leaderboard, if you have a competitive family why not have a little fun, and see who can be the safest driver.

I want to get a Zubie for our vehicles, but mostly for my oldest daughter who will be driving before we know it.  GOSH, I cannot believe my sweet little Catie is already going to be driving, where does time go.

She is a great kid, and I don’t think she will do anything crazy, but she is young, and inexperienced.  If I am able to track her driving while I am not with her, I will also be able to talk to her, and help her become a better driver.  Honestly, I am so scared to let her start driving.  I trust Catie, but I now she is young and will make mistakes, and I also know that I do not in any way trust all those people who are driving next to her.

To make things even better right now you can SAVE 20% on your Zubie Key plus one year of service!  Pretty awesome right!  Offer good through March 31, 2013. Shipping charges apply.  Before you run off take a moment and check out this awesome video that will help explain Zubie a little more.

Hurry on over to Zubie and take advantage of the discount code SAVE20FEB and SAVE 20%!  Then swing by and follow Zubie on Facebook and on Twitter.

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M.Clark February 10, 2014 - 9:20 pm

Zubie sounds like a great system for anyone who has a car. I would definitely get it. Thank you for this post.

lisa February 13, 2014 - 11:35 am

What a great service. I love all of the features. Especially the map. I don’t drive much because I’m afraid of getting lost. Sounds silly I know. I think this would help.

M.Clark February 16, 2014 - 8:11 pm

Cars of the future will probably have a Zubie-like system pre-installed.


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