Spring is here, Get a Wubble Comet

by Erik

My daughter loves balloons. I don’t really understand the fascination, but then she’s 11 and I’m…older than 11. The only problem is that balloons pop. Then along came Wubble. My daughter loves her Wubble. And we just received three new ones to try out; the Super Wubble, Groovy Wubble and Wubble Comet.

wubble comet

Let’s start with the Wubble Comet. It’s the size of a normal ball but blue with a tail and it lights up like a…something. I can’t quite think of the word. Like something shooting through the night sky. Asteroid? Shooting Star? Rocket? Oh well, it will come to me eventually. It’s the perfect size for tossing around with her cousins without worrying too much about hurting them since she’s just a tad bit (6 years) older than her nearest cousin.

Now let’s talk about the the Super Wubble and Groovy Wubble. Giant. Squishy. Colorful. Fun. She can play Keepy-Uppy with her cousins like crazy, without having to worry about popping the balloon. Because she’s not using a balloon. She’s using a Wubble. And not just any Wubble. The Groovy Wubble is definitely more her color palette.

And the great thing about the Wubble is that I don’t have to give myself an asthma attack trying to inflate it. The included nozzle makes it super easy to inflate the wobble.

Wubble comet

Get the Wubble Comet at Target and the Super Wubble and Groovy Wubble at Wal-Mart today.

Disclaimer: I was provided products for review, however all opinions are my own.

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