Wondering What a Sponsored Post Should Include?

by Jenn

Are you considering dabbling in the world of sponsored posts?  Maybe you’re wondering what a sponsored post should include, or just wanting to take your sponsored posts to the next level.  Whatever the case may be, there’s a few areas of a sponsored post that you should always include.

If you’re currently blogging, sponsored posts are possible something you’re looking forward to, maybe you’re already posting them.  Either way, when you take the time to write a sponsored posts, you want to be sure and give the sponsor 110%.  Anytime you’re being paid for something you’re placing on your blog, it’s extremely important to give it your best.  You want it to be something that will grab your readers attention, something they will enjoy.  If you’re readers are not going to enjoy it, you’re already failing the sponsor.

It can be stressful writing a post that needs to satisfy not only your readers but the brand too.  When I write a post for a brand, I believe there’s four things that every sponsored post should include  There’s a few things every sponsored post should include. 

Kozzi-online-advertising-shows-website-promotions-adverts-360 X 360  Be Yourself

It’s important to be yourself.  Write as you always do, you don’t want your readers to feel that you change your writing style because you’re being paid.  It just comes off as fake, and fake in the blogging world is just no good.

Whether you’re writing a review for a brand or helping promote a product, you should always be yourself.  When you’re readers sit down to read you’re post they should know they’re reading what you wrote.  You’re readers follow you because they trust you, and trust your opinion.  Be yourself, write like you always write, and have fun.


Another extremely important aspect of a sponsored posts in your HONEST opinion.  Whether you’re reviewing a high dollor product, or writing a sponsored posts for a big name company be hoenst.  Brands appreaciate honesty jsut the same as you’re readers do.

Besides you don’t want to sound like just another advertisement.  Do you?  No, that’s not what people are looking for.  People want real, and real people have opinions.  If you love something, explain why you love it.  There’s nothing wrong with loving something, and letting your readers know why you enjoy the product.

It’s always good to keep the brand in mind.  It’s important to keep things honest, but don’t slam the brands.  I write with an open mind.  If I review a product that isn’t for me, I try to keep in mind I’m not everyone.  I share the good points, but let my readers know why it won’t work for me personally.  Maybe my children are too old, or my family is too big.  There’s different reasons, but just because a product doesn’t fit my families needs doesn’t mean it won’t fit theirs.


Nothing puts the final touches on a review or sponsored post like your own pictures.  It’s often fun to show your children off, lol.  That’s my favorite part, I love showing my children off to the world.  They’re probably going to kill me when they get older, but I have several years until then, lol.

If I’m reviewing a product, I take tons of pictures.  Thank goodness my family loves the camera, lol.  Your readers, and brands love personal pictures.  It’s nice for your readers to see you using a product, or your child interacting with a toy.  It reaches them on a different level, they not only see you using the product, but they see you’re family.  It’s nice to get to know the blogger behind the words.

My family has been super supporting, I use tons of personal photos not just for reviews, but tons of sponsored and non-sponsored content.  Nothing makes you’re blog more personal that real pictures.  Plus, adding you’re own pictures is much easier than hunting one down, and linking back to the photo properly.  Personally, it’s much easier to grab one of my own.


Last but not least, you have to include your disclosure.  This is to let you’re readers know that you’ve received a free product, money, or some other form of payment for the post.  If you’ve been paid or received something for free you MUST include a disclosure at the end of your post.

Something I love to do is add my disclosure in the form of a picture, or button.  I think it not only looks better, but its easier to insert than write the same thing over and over again.  However, that’s your choice.

What tips do you have to add?  Is there anything you can think of that helps really push a sponsored posts for both your readers and the brand you’re working for?

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Dorothy Reading February 21, 2013 - 5:39 pm
Sponsored reviews are interesting. I'm not really looking to do it now (just for fun, remember? haha), but it is an intriguing idea. Thanks for the tips!
Andy February 21, 2013 - 10:42 pm
Thanks for sharing your view on sponsored posts. I definitely agree with your thoughts on honesty, sharing both the good points and bad points of a particular product or service.

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