Winter is Coming: Why All Babies Need to Wear a Hat

by Heather

Your newborn baby is the most precious thing in the world to you. Protecting them will be your number one priority. There are a number of clothing items that can protect your newborn baby. From boots and socks to scarfs and hats, each offers something the other does not. Although baby clothes and accessories can be a lot of fun to choose, choosing the right hat is essential. Protecting your baby against all the elements is crucial.

Baby Hats

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Why Do Babies Need Hats?

Your baby has just left the warmth and comfort of your body, where it has been developing for nine months. So, it is a shock for them when they arrive into our world. The elements can play havoc on their body temperature which they work tirelessly to regulate. A hat helps them regulate their body temperature, ensuring that your baby conserves their own energy. This makes them more comfortable and happy.

Premature babies often suffer the most when it comes to changes in the environment. A few degrees, either side, can leave them very uncomfortable. Your baby requires more of their own energy to help regulate their temperature. It is advised that you keep a premature baby in a hat to help them conserve their energy.

Picking the Right Sized Hat

Baby hats are often sized like baby clothes, as it makes it easier for parents to gauge which size they require. When you come to pick a hat for your baby, you must ensure that you have a good idea of the circumference of your baby’s head. This is because each hat may be manufactured to a different size and specification.

Of course, the best way to see if the hat fit nicely on top of your baby’s head is to try the product on first before you buy it. If the hat is marked ‘One Size’ then make sure it is stretchy enough for your baby’s head, allowing extra growing room if you can.

A Hat For All Occasions

There are a number of hats available for your baby and most you can use indoors and all year-round. These are normally beanie style hats which are quite a snug fit. So you must continuously make sure that your baby’s hat fits properly and doesn’t become too tight.

Winter Baby Hats

If you have plans to take your baby out and expose them to the winter elements, look for thick and plush hats. These hats are designed to keep your baby’s head warm. Styles for winter hats tend to be less gender specific than summer or occasional hats. Take your pick from hats with lots of patterns and color combinations.

Summer Baby Hats

For the summer months, you will need a hat that offers a brim to help keep the sun off your baby’s head, face, and neck. You should shop for designer kids fashion online and peruse the choices available to you and your baby.

When it comes to protecting your baby you can be both practical and fashionable. There is a wealth of choices available to you.

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