Why Going On A Long Vacation Is Easier Than You Think

by Heather
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When you go on vacation, how long do you usually go away for? Maybe 3 or 4 days? Maybe a week? Either way, it’s been a while since you had the chance to go away for two weeks or more! Because in modern society, that’s not really a practical time to be on vacation – or is it? After all, you should have the chance to really settle into a destination and go on a lengthy adventure! Thankfully, taking a long vacation is actually a lot easier than you might think. Here are a few reasons you should plan one

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You’ve Saved Up a Lot of PTO

Personal time off should be used. If you’ve not had a chance to take your time off yet, or you’ve been saving it for a special time in the year, why not just book it all off at once and take that long vacation you really deserve? Because if you’ve racked up a couple weeks by being the world’s best employee, you’re going to need a break to prevent the burnout from really taking you down! Don’t feel guilty – you’re allowed to have the time off due to you by law! 

There are More Budget Accommodation Options Than Ever

Yes, the cost of living has gone up a lot recently. But in that, a lot of people are bringing their prices down, and making sure people like you can still go on vacation and enjoy themselves. So if you’re worried about the money required for a long vacation, we’re here to tell you it won’t be anywhere near as serious as you might think. You just need to have a good look around local hotels and hostels, as well as BnBs – avoid the chains as much as you can if you want to make a saving. 

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You Can Easily Stay in Touch with Home

Being away for weeks at a time might sound expensive, and of course, it can be. However, when it comes to the phone bill you might rack up, you actually don’t have much to worry about. As long as you turn off data roaming, and make sure you always use a WiFi source when trying to send messages, you won’t part with too many pennies. Similarly, you can also invest in a Prepaid Bill sim for your phone before you head off, meaning you’ll never have to touch your bank account when texting and calling abroad. 

You Don’t Need to Pack Much Either

You don’t need more than one suitcase to go on a long vacation with. Once you’re there, you can easily take your clothes to a laundry mat, or even clean them yourself by hand! You can pack laundry wipes and a bag that’ll allow you to do this in the hotel room. This way, you won’t have to lug much around, so those hikes you’re planning to go on just became a lot easier! 

Long vacations are fun, so don’t hold off on one! 

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Jodi Hunter July 18, 2023 - 3:11 pm
Thanks for this amazing post.
Terri Quick July 19, 2023 - 3:13 pm
Thank you for these great tips
MICHAEL A LAW July 19, 2023 - 9:53 pm
Some really good advice here.
Anne Perry July 20, 2023 - 2:22 pm
Sounds amazing!! I haven't priced hotels in a long time.
Maria Egan July 29, 2023 - 7:11 pm
Especially for destinations that are farther away, it is helpful to be there longer and really get to know a place.

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