When the Going Gets Cold, the Tough Get Heating

by Heather

As summer approaches it can be easy to forget the deep cold that permeates the air in the depths of winter. When things get chilly it’s important to heat things up. From electric blankets to chic layered looks, keeping body and home warm is the number one priority of the dormant winter days.


For moms who live in cool climates that see single digit temperatures regularly, here are a few of the very best (and inexpensive) ways to keep things toasty when the big chill rolls in:


Get under the covers


Instead of blasting up the heat for the whole house, concentrate on only heating the spaces that are consistently occupied — like the bed. Electric blankets make a bed warm and comfy, and heating pads achieve the same results on a smaller scale. You can’t beat curling up in a snug bed while the temperatures outside plummet, but if you’re looking for something a bit more organic, invest in a hot water bottle or wrap some rice in a fleece cover and throw it in the microwave. Both options retain a surprising amount of heat that can keep the bed at a most pleasurable temperature all night.


Learn to love layers


There’s no better way to prevent the cold from setting in than to bundle the whole family up in lots of layers. Long underwear is always a good idea in winter. You also enjoy the bonus of it fitting nicely underneath some stylish outfits that maintain the heat and comfort. As internal temperatures fluctuate in winter thanks to drastic temperature changes between indoor and outdoor spaces, peeling off a few layers or adding some as necessary ensures that no one is ever too hot or too cold. Slippers with rubber soles will keep the heat in the feet, and hats are a surefire way to stop precious internal heat from escaping up top.


Take advantage of the sun — however limited it may be


Sunshine has a profound effect on the human psyche in winter. Embrace it whenever possible. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t radiate heat (thankfully!), so open any blinds and curtains during the day (as well as any south facing windows) to harness the power of natural heat. Let the sun heat the house and then, at night, close all the blinds, curtains and windows to hold on to the natural warmth of the day.


Stay cozy in the kitchen


The kitchen is a great place to spend time in the winter: all those splendid dishes you whip up in there generate heat! For particularly dry winters, consider boiling a pot of water with some fragrant ingredients to increase humidity levels and fill the home with heat and gorgeous smells. Winter is a great time to try out some baking recipes which will keep the oven working hard to heat up a space and churn out delicious treats for the family. Pots of soup on the stove and hearty meals in a crock pot are all delicious and nutritious ways to warm things up in winter.


As summer heads towards us, thoughts turn to sunshine and happy times. Just remember that nothing lasts forever, though, and the cold weather will soon follow. Best prepare now and you can make it feel as if it was summer the whole year round in your home — you just won’t need the sun cream!


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