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What is Staree

by Jenn

Most blogger have heard of and probably use SponsoredTweets and SocialSpark, which are all part of IZEA Social Media Marketing.  So what’s Staree all about?  Staree is also part of the IZEA Social Media Marketing.  One thing I like about IZEA is I feel that all their programs are awesome!  If you’re a blogger looking to make money blogging you can always trust that any offers you receive from any IZEA website will pay and is quality work.

Okay, so what is Staree and how does it work?

Staree allows members to upload photos and videos from their mobile phone or desktip and share the photos with friends, family or followers on Facebook and Twitter.  When someone clicks on your photo from your social media site and takes them to your page on Staree, you’ll earn money.

How do you earn money?

If you look at your Staree page you will see ads one the side.  You make money off the impressions that you receive on your page.

Something that you do need to be aware of is, that if they do not wait for your page to load completely before leaving, it is not considered an impression.

Staree also gives you the chance to make money by monetizing your social media reach by,

  • Sponsored photos and videos
  • Ad revenue sharing
  • Content licensing

So the more social media traffic you have that more money you will be able to make.

So how do you join Staree?

If you are looking to join Staree you’ll need to remember it’s an approval based website., but anyone can apply.  It’s easy, however it did take me a little while to get a response after I applied.  To join you’ll need to visit their website, input the required information and once accepted you’ll need to create your profile.

Once you’ve created your profile start uploading photos and media on Facebook and Twitter and start earning money.

I have only uploaded a few photos such as:

I have uploaded few more, not enough to really tell you much about it other than it’s fun.  I just downloaded the app for my cell phone so I plan on uploading a lot more soon.  The Staree app for your smartphone is somewhat like Instagram.

However, I can tell you a lot about SponsoredTweets and SocialSpark and they are amazing!  Because all of IZEAs other websites are great, I am sure this one will be the same once I begin using it a little more.   If you want to learn more visit their website.

Learn more about SponsoredTweets

Learn more about SocialSpark

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