VEEV VitaFrute Cocktails Review #vitafrute

by Heather


Please drink responsibly

Recently I was given the opportunity to check out VitaFrute by VEEV. Let me start by sharing that I am not a big drinker. Even in my younger years I wouldn’t say I drank very much. Now, as a mom, I would say I drink more than ever in my life. Don’t judge! I was somewhat nervous, yet excited, about receiving my Lemonade VitaFrute because normally when I do drink it is only a beer here and there; I know I am so fancy, right!?! I read the directions on the bottle; I am a directions kind of person, I even measure the water out for boxed macaroni and cheese! Any who, the bottle says to chill and serve over ice so I busted out the fancy wine glasses and used the fancy ice (also known as the crushed button on the refrigerator) and began to pour.

Now, don’t laugh but we were having a ladies night at my mom’s house. Yeah, a bottle of liquor shows up and I schedule a ladies night. Since I wanted to get the full effect I decided to pour them both a glass too. The first thing I did was sniffed to see if the drink smelled like lemonade or liquor; this is a 30 Proof drink we are talking about! It smelled just like any other lemonade which was a plus.

Since I provided the drinks I took a small sip first; it was somewhat strong to me but not as strong as taking a shot so I was okay with things. I took a normal drink and the flavors exploded over my taste buds. At first I thought I tasted honey but as I mentioned above, I’m not very fancy and after reading the drinks ingredients I found out that what I was tasting was the agave nector. Did I mention VitaFrute is made with premium and all-natural ingredients and is certified organic?

I really enjoyed the Lemonade; I admit I drank a glass and a half. Don’t worry, I didn’t feel guilty in the morning because each serving is under 125 calories! My younger sister on the other hand wasn’t a big fan. She normally drinks more fruity drinks and she thought it needed more lemon taste. I agree a stronger citrus taste wouldn’t be a negative but did I mention I drank a glass and a half? Overall, I LOVE this product and can’t wait to try the rest of the VitaFrute line; Margarita, Cosmopolitan, and Coconut Colada.


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