Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST at Best Buy

by Erik

I’m not really an outdoor person. I admit that. There are a few outdoor activities I really like. Sitting outside on a fall evening next to a roaring fire with an adult beverage. Hanging out in the pool on a hot summer day. Those are about it. They do have one thing in common. Friends. Oh, they have another thing in common. Music. OK, so they have two things in common.

I’ve always been on the lookout for a better solution for the second thing in common. Back in the day, there was the boom box. Remember those? Then they transformed into portable CD players. Then came the rise of digital music and portable music devices. Then music streaming. Where will it go next? I have no idea. But I know where it is now. Nowadays everyone uses their smart phone for everything. Which is great. But not when I’m hanging out on a chilly fall night. I don’t want to stream music through my phone, draining my phone battery, interrupting the music every time I get a call, and the sound quality isn’t that great. Or streaming through my phone to a speaker. Better sound quality sure, but all the same other problems.

Until now. Finally, the speaker that I want has arrived.

The Ultimate Ears BLAST and MEGABLAST.

ultimate ears

Smart speakers that I can control by voice and that I can use to control my stuff, but designed for someone who actually likes to listen to music. So, when I say, “Alexa play music” I’m going to hear and feel the music.

ultimate ears

I can control the speakers through the Ultimate Ears app on my phone, to turn the volume up or down. And coming soon, I will also be able to use Spotify Connect to start the music from my phone and have it stream directly to the speaker (so no more draining my phone battery). I can hardly wait. And for those days when someone is splashing around the pool. Or those chilly fall evenings when it is starting to snow, the speakers are waterproof. No, they won’t survive a trip to the Marianas Trench, but for normal everyday use they will be just fine. So head on over to Best Buy now and get the speaker your music deserves.

Disclaimer: The article was written in collaboration with Best Buy and the author was compensated in the form of a gift card, however all opinions are my own.

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