Turn Your Yard Into A Family Friendly Garden With These Simple Tips

by Heather

When it comes to making the most of our outdoor spaces, we would love to spend more time in the yard. The weather doesn’t always make this possible, but there are things you can do to enjoy your yard all year round. Kids need the freedom to be outdoors whatever the weather, so providing a good, clean, and safe environment for play is essential.

When you are thinking about a garden the entire family can enjoy, you need to be sure the money you spend will cater to your needs for a few good years. Start with thinking about security. Are the walls or fences intact and secure? Gaps underneath aren’t just a problem for animals getting out. Adventurous children may also wander off into neighboring properties or even the street.

Are the gates lockable? Is it possible for your kids to open the gate when your back is turned? Most importantly you need to think about whether it is possible for an intruder to get through the gate easily. We want our children to be able to play in their own garden without the fear someone is watching and waiting for our backs to be turned.

Having a garden laid to lawn is lovely when the grass is kept down, but keeping it that way can take a lot of regular mowing. Trying to mow it during rainy seasons is almost impossible, and kids and dogs can turn it into a muddy mess. Having pavers or patio areas gives the children some hard standing areas that are mud free, and great for go karts and bikes. Installing a path around a garden that tends to be wetter throughout the year will protect shoes and your planting.

Fence and YardPhoto credit: Flickr Advanced Search

Decking provides a weed-free alternative to concrete. It is often more responsive to power washing and less prone to moss in damper climates. Decking comes in a variety of woods and colors, or you can opt for composites. When choosing softwoods and hardwoods, merchants like Softwoods can offer some exotic choices with interesting grains. Be sure to peruse a brochure to find the color scheme to suit you.

Your decking may also require railings and a pergola style eating area to maximize the use of your family garden. Dining sets can come in all-weather metals with glass tops or wood. In drier parts of the country, people are starting to install Perth style outdoor rooms. These include weather-protected TV enclosures and softer seating options. The roof can be see-through to allow more light in. You can then use conservatory blinds to provide the shade as required.

Planting in gardens is to taste, but some species cause more allergies than others. Also, cats and dogs can be poisoned by some everyday flowers like lilies. If you are installing a water feature, ensure it is fully enclosed to avoid accidents for the children. Animals like to drink from them so ensure there is a means of escape should they fall in. Choose color schemes for flowers, or pick planting that will flower all year round.

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lindamanns December 26, 2014 - 10:56 am
Thank you for sharing these tips. Our back yard needs some work and these are some great idea. this looks so nice
lisa February 19, 2015 - 11:26 am
Our yard needs tons of work. Front and back. Thanks for the tips. Maybe one day my yard will look like the above photo.

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