Tubing into Winter at Beach Mountain

by Heather


Do you have a favorite time of year or season? For me, it has always been winter. Cold weather, holidays, sweaters, fires in the fireplace, and SNOW!   Growing up, before ever counting down to Christmas, we always awaited the first snowfall and cheered when that turned into enough snow to go outside for sledding and to build snowmen. As we got a bit older, there were times when the snow transitioned into snow days, and that was even better.

Of course, growing up in Cincinnati, this can be rather difficult. I mean, I have a few memories here and there but that certainly isn’t the norm. There was one Halloween when it was snowing/sleeting. We had to wear huge winter coats, our mom’s, over our costumes so mom and dad would let us go trick-or-treating. Hmmm, in high school, when I was a freshman, there was enough snow that we almost had an entire week off school. Oh and about two years ago, we had an ice storm and the entire city shutdown for days. It all sounds crazy, wild, and snowy but really, this is all over a 30 year span. When only three major snow events stick out in your head over a 30 year span that means it’s not that snowy where you live.

Did I mention that I’m from Cincinnati? This makes sledding and snowman building rather difficult. Now that I have a daughter, who much like her mamma adores the snow, this makes the winter months even that much more painful. At least until this year!

Enter Beach Mountain! Cincinnati’s Snow Tubing Park.

Snow Tubing is a fun and exciting wintertime activity that brings people together and creates amazing memories. It is just like sledding – only it’s faster and more accessible. Slide down our snowy 400 foot long runs and then ride our magic carpet back up and do it all over again!

Experience the adventure with us at Beach Mountain this winter!

Beach Mountain has OVER 100,000 Christmas lights on property, a play area with real snow, and concession stands to add an extra treat or warm up to your visit.


So what are our favorite parts? For my husband and daughter, hands down, it was the snow tubing. I lost count of the number of times they went up the magic carpet and down. My daughter giggled like crazy, she screamed her head off as she went down the hill, her cheeks were rosy from the cold and speed, and she had a perma-smile that lasted well into the next day. My husband was like a kid again. He laughed as he slid down the snow and there were a few times I think he was even racing our daughter to get back to the magic carpet first. He won’t admit it but I’m pretty sure he could have spent the entire day there tubing.

As for me, my favorite part was the experience! I partook in the snow tubing but I didn’t dress appropriately since I thought I was going to be taking video and pictures so I was freezing. It was fun, the wind whipped through my hair, and I giggled like a kid BUT I was freezing. Let me note here that it was almost 50 degrees outside and I was freezing because it is real snow, TOTALLY REAL!


Though I wish the play area was a bit bigger, which it may be as the season kicks into full swing, I loved being able to watch my little one play on a sled, make snow angels, throw snow balls, and just generally roll around in the snow. As I mentioned before, living in Cincinnati, we don’t see a great deal of snow so anytime it is around, it’s a real treat for us.

There was a fire pit next to an area with picnic tables where I was able to enjoy a cup of java and stay warm while watching my two kids, one being my husband, play in the snow. There is a concession stand for treats and warm ups, a sled for photos to make memories, and over 100,000 lights. It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings just being there and I can’t wait to take my family back again.

Would you like to learn more about Beach Mountain, their hours and how to get there, and what to expect? Check out their social media outlets below!




Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Beach Mountain. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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Susan Hartman February 19, 2017 - 9:41 am
I love snow tubing. I could never quite master skiing so its a great substitution for me!

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