Tools4Wisdom Calendar Planner and Goals Journal #Tools4Wisdom

by Heather


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but there are a few things that I am absolutely obsessed with. Things like pens, shoes, notebooks, handbags, and PLANNERS! There is just something about getting organized, getting everything in order, and filling out a crisp, new planner that is as thrilling, to me, as cleaning out your car or your purse! Okay, I know that I just blew you away with my extremely exciting life. As adults we have to get our thrills where we can! So back to the planner, I was super excited about getting the Tools4Wisdom Calendar Planner and Goals Journal! I have so much going on right now that organization is a must have and something that I desperately need. My daughter is getting ready to start school; my baby is going into Pre-K! I am a busy, busy blogger! I own my own business … the list goes on and on.

The great thing about the Goals Planner is that it helps you to not just focus on the things that you have to get done but on what dates they need to be done by. The planner also aids in focusing on what is important along the way. In other words, this reminds me why I am so busy and helps me keep everything in perspective! I have to be honest in sharing that prioritizing my life has always been difficult. My family always comes first but there are so many other tasks that have been accomplished; prioritization is a must for me. Let me give you an example, XYZ review is done on this date by 1:00 PM but Alex (my daughter) wants me to go on a playdate with her and her friend. In this type of situation I have to be able to refocus, make time for my blogging, but also make sure time with my daughter is at the forefront; her being happy makes me happy! Really, the reason that I have the goals that I do is because of my daughter.

Don’t have kids? That is fine, I also am able to make sure I have time for me, time for my husband, time for my house, and puppy time! That is a lot of time, right? How many minutes are in your hour? ;) With the Goals Planner I am able to make sure there is enough time to go around in my day so I am able to ensure that everything that needs to get done actually gets done. I am kind of a freak and I also color code to make sure that I know who goes where and when! Ignore that last part if you feel it is a bit much for you. LOL Hmmm, where was I … oh yes, I color code because I would hate to drop Felix, my puppy, off at Preschool and take my daughter to obedience training. Although, now that I think about it, this “mix-up” may workout in the long run!

The Goals Planner has a thick, plastic cover that keeps it protected from dirt and drinks that may be sat on it. The pages are crisp and heavy without being too thick. The design of each page is simple with white backing and blacking writing and boards. See why I need colored pens? I am just adding a little spice to my life!

The Goals Planner is an absolute must have for anyone looking to get focus, organized, and prioritized.

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  • Spiral-Bound Monthly Planner
  • Calendar
  • Yearly Vision & Goal Setting Pages
  • Monthly Goals & Priorities Section
  • 1-year unconditional money-back guarantee






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