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Toddler Pool Toys?

by Jenn

Shh-h!  Don’t tell anyone, but we just barely put up our pool last weekend.  The summer is already half way over, our children are back to school in less than a month and we just put up the pool  I guess the summer just got away from us, normally it’s up by the end of March. I am really glad we finally have it up, my toddler hasn’t bee in a pool before.

Our pool is one of the pools that you can take up and down every year.  It’s about 4.5 feet deep and 22 feet around, pretty decent sized.  Last weekend was my 2 year olds first time in the big pool.  It’s been so much fun, at first she was scared but only for that second.  After that she was gone in her float, kicking her feet, telling mom and dad, “Wook at me!”  We only had one float left from last year, thank goodness the one that was left was one that Madisyn was able to use.

Now time to run out and buy some fun pool accessories from the store.  Last year I spend way to much money on all the fancy floaties, water guns, etc.  Do you think we have any of them left this year?  Nope, sure don’t no a single one of them.  Back to the store mom goes to spend more money on pool supplies.  Not this year, I will not over spend on our pool accessories if we don’t use them but for one or two month out of the year!

This mom has been smart this year!  She’s been finding good pool supplies coupon codes, there’s some wonderful sales, deals and coupons out there for summer products right now.  I actually found a HUGE whale float along with plenty other cute fun pool toys for cheap online.

I am kind of stuck as to what pool toys I can get for my toddler.  I have 3 older kids that can play with just about anything, but I want to get something for my youngest daughter as well.  I wonder if anyone can share some awesome pool toys for toddles with me, so I can get in gear and get some for my youngest daughter too!  I already have something for her to float around the pool in, but that’s it!  I know she wants to do much more than just float around the pool!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks

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