Time Clock Options for Businesses

by Jenn

Workers of a certain age can remember the big, clunky punch card time clocks that were located in the break rooms of their place of business. While time clocks still serve a very important function in many companies, you no longer have to have antiquated machinery to do the job. There are many options to day for time clock recording. Here are just a few that you may want to consider for your place of work.

Time Clocks with Badges
One of the easiest upgrades from traditional punch cards is the time clock badge. This can be a separate card from the employee’s ID, or it can be integrated into the ID. All an employee has to do to clock in or out is to swipe their card at the time clock machine. This is an easy system that allows those who are not tech-savvy to still punch their time card with ease.

Biometric Time Clocks
To eliminate instances of employees clocking in for others, a biometric time clock is your best option. This type of equipment allows each employee to have their hands or individuals fingerprints to be scanned so they can clock in and clock out. With traditional punch cards, anyone can clock in for someone else. Even time clock software can be manipulated if an employee shares their username and password. Biometrics are individual, so they cannot be manipulated.

Time Clock Software
When you want to do away with the time clock equipment altogether, your business can invest in time clock software for computers. This eliminates the need for putting equipment in a central location for employee access. Businesses that have employees on computers most of the time can allow each employee computer the ability to sign in and out from their own station. This type of software will also allow you to compile accurate employee data.

If your place of business needs to have a central time clock system to keep track of employee hours, you can order today and get the system you need. Most time clocks are easy to install and set up so you and your employees can have an accurate record each week. Not only will this help with accurately tracking employee hours, but it will also help your HR department with employee statistics and payment management.

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