Thinking About Moving Abroad? 5 Important Steps to Immigrate to Australia

by Heather

Life is constantly changing and people are always on the move. Due to job transfers and the need for new adventures and experiences, two of my friends have moved abroad this year. Apparently this is a “thing”, who knew?!?

Are you thinking about moving abroad but don’t know where to begin? First, think about the location, the economy, and the life experiences that can be taken away. Then take the plunge! Here are steps to help you along the way.

5 Important Steps to Immigrate to Australia

One of the biggest milestones in your life would be migrating to another country. There are numerous things that need to be considered when you and your family decide to depart your homeland and live abroad. This could be one of the toughest decisions you will ever make, so be sure to think about it thoroughly.

Before you can immigrate to any country, like Australia, there are still tons of requirements that you need to comply with. The migration process could take a lot of time, depending on the country you want to migrate to.  The requirements also vary from one country to another. That is why you need patience, energy, as well as money once you decide on migrating overseas.

Migrating to Australia would require you to adhere to the following steps, so keep these things in mind:

Initial Self Assessment and Data Collection

First, you have to spend some time understanding the entire Australian Immigration Process. You need to know what visa type you are eligible to apply for, whether your skill is in demand or not, and whether you IELTS score is satisfactory enough. Simply ensure that you comply with all these things first and you can proceed to the next step.

Skill Evaluation, IELTS, and State Sponsorship

When you have found out that your job is in the skilled occupation list and you have at least a year of work experience in this field, then you can already check out an applicable assessing authority to evaluate your skills. Then, you have to take an IELTS exam and score 6 in each category at least. However, if you don’t get enough points, you may look for a state sponsorship to help you achieve the necessary points needed.

Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)

After you have passed step two, you may now proceed to the third step, which is submitting an EOI. You will need other supporting documents, including marriage certificate, job certificate, academic records, and the like. Just make sure all the data you submit is correct because the immigration officer will issue an invitation to apply based on the information you have provided. In case there is discrepancy, then your application may get cancelled.

Immigration Request

Once you have accumulated enough points based on your EOI, you will then receive the invitation to apply. This step requires you to have most of the information you need for the final application. Nevertheless, you may be asked to submit other documents, such as updated job certificate(s) or bank statements.

Compliance of Supporting Documents

A successful application would require you to present medical examination results and a police clearance certificate. And when you are able to submit these, then everything’s done. Just wait for the final Visa Letter and you are good to go!

The entire immigration process to Australia is tough and stressful. But if you really want to live in this country, you have to comply with all the requirements. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above and you can ace your immigration application. More so, there are houses for sale in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and other parts of the country which you can choose from to start anew with your loved ones. Owning a property in Australia is easy even for immigrants because of its affordable price and easy payment process. As a foreigner, owning a home is an important step to creating a bright future for your family.

So, now that you know the process on how you can live in Australia- what are you waiting for?


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Jeena Bittenbender May 16, 2016 - 3:53 pm
Uh!!! Now I know why you need a lot of energy. Which I don't have. I would love to move and have my eye on a couple of different countries that are booming economy wise. I am wonder however, how's the health care system in Australian??
ANN*H May 16, 2016 - 7:16 pm
My son was the only one who ever needed a passport . I would go out of the states as Im to old. It is nice to see the other cultures and their land tho , but I doubt I ever will .thanks for the information tho
Linda Manns Linneman May 20, 2016 - 9:27 am
There is so much involved in movie out of the country. My nephew worked in Singapore for six years and I can't begin to tell you how much was involved prior to him going. Thank you for sharing this useful information
Kimberly Flickinger (@kaflickinger74) June 9, 2016 - 8:31 pm
I thought about moving abroad; however, there is still plenty of the U.S. that I have yet to see in life.
Cindy S. June 16, 2016 - 5:02 am
I would love to move with my family to another country! Seems like the process is a bit daunting though. Maybe some day.

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