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by Heather


I was excited when I was chosen to try TheraRelief by TheraVita as I suffer from back problems. At the same time I was a little nervous as often, products of this nature tend to burn my skin and make me want to wash it off as quickly as I put it on. In the product description, the company stated that TheraRelief does not have a strong menthol smell but you know me, I had to see for myself. As soon as the container arrived I opened it up, sniffed, and was relieved to find out the company was right. TheraRelief does not smell like menthol like a number of other pain reliever creams do. The cream smelled clean to me which is a definite bonus.

Now for the difficult part! In addition to suffering from back problems, I also have arthritis. I know what you are thinking … WHAT you have arthritis? But, you are so young, how is that possible?? Okay, maybe part of that is just wishful thinking but I am only 33 and yes, I have arthritis, sadly it runs in the family. Well, recently, thanks to arthritis, my foot has been bothering me. The other day I decided to put some TheraRelief on the top of my foot to see if it would help. I rubbed it on, went about my business, and just waited. I decided it clearly was not working because my foot was not burning; I really did not feel anything. I was busy around the house and did not pay much attention to my foot until I realized that it was no longer throbbing!!

I sat down and began to rub my foot where it normally hurts and was so excited because this action did not add additional pain. I was so excited that I actually ran into the other room where my husband was and said, “Look honey! My foot doesn’t hurt!!” He looked at me, looked down at my foot, and said, “Good, I don’t see anything.” Being that there was nothing on the outside of my foot to begin with that made perfect sense but I still gave him my evil glare and walked away feeling triumphant. In all honesty, I was just excited that my foot did not hurt.

I was hoping that somewhere else would start hurting me so I could try the cream there. Well, not really, who really wants to hurt? You get the idea! Oddly, the pains in my back appear to be on vacation because they have not popped up in the last week or so. They will be back and when they arrive, I am armed for battle!

My grandma used to be stocked to the seams with pain reliever creams; in fact, I am pretty sure she had stock in a few companies based on the mass quantity of product that she had on hand. She said it was important to always have something on hand to rub away pain because inevitably it was going to show up. The only problem with this is that the products that she used were rather harsh and her house constantly smelled of menthol. I am still following grandma’s way of thinking just in a more modernized way. I have something to rub my aches and pains away that does not bother my skin and does not change the smell of my home.

If there was one thing about this product that I would change if possible it would be the length of time that it lasts. Like aspirin, I noted that about 4 hours or so after applying the TheraRelief it begins to wear off. That being said, I am really pleased with the results and now have a product that I keep next to my bed for days when I am suffering from aches and pains.



  • Fights inflammation in joints and muscles
  • All natural ingredients, free of dangerous chemicals such as parabens
  • Contains over 27 deep penetrating clinically proven compounds such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help the body heal and recover; not mask or cover up pain
  • NO strong “menthol” smell; this product is odorless
  • Soothes joints and muscles affected by arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, and overuse pains and other strains

To PURCHASE TheraRelief by TheraVita click HERE.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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