swissvoice ePure White with Answering Machine Review

by Heather


The grass is always greener. Ever heard that phrase? Yeah, me neither. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll get there. I think one of the reasons Ikea is so popular is because they bring a little bit of European style and sensibility to America. A lot of people like things that are sleek and stylish while still being very functional. And reasonably priced. One area that is lacking is the stylishness of the home phone. For those of you that still have a home phone that is (we live in a veritable dead zone so we need one). Most cell phones starting with the iPhone have a certain design elegance about them. Home Phones? Functional? Yes. Elegant? Not so much. Metallic gray. Not terribly cool looking. And have you ever tried holding a modern phone on your shoulder while trying to have a conversation? This ain’t your parent’s olive green wall mounted phone. Those may have been ugly, but you could walk around for an hour stretching the cord all over your kitchen with that thing perched on your shoulder talking to grandma.

Enter Swissvoice. We received a swissvoice ePure White phone with digital answering machine and just love it.

To start off with, it won’t interfere with your home WiFi. It has all digital technology so it has crystal clear sound. It’s expandable so you can add handsets. Even though this is a phone/answering machine combo the unit is rather compact which makes it perfect for smaller spaces or a home office setting. I also have to point out that the ring tone is gentle, which I really like. One of my favorite aspects of the phone is the answering machine but that is just because I love her accent! But best of all, it looks retro cool. It’s like a cross between an iPhone and the aforementioned wall phone. It’s almost like having a cool piece of European art, just not a $100 million Monet.

If I could make one improvement to the phone it would be the volume control, I just wish it went a little louder. If you are in the market for a phone with a ton of bells and whistles this is NOT the phone for you. For our needs we only need certain features so this phone is perfect for us, just make sure you check out all of the phone specifications prior to purchase!

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