How A Stunning Deck Can Benefit Your Whole Family

by Heather

Garden Deck

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Keen amateur gardeners and landscapers all over the land understand the benefits that an attractive and functional deck can bring to their gardens. They are installing them in droves. It is a versatile feature of the garden that can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you only take on one home improvement this year, install decking so that you and your kids can make the most of the sunshine that we get for free.

There are two types of decking, material available to use; timber and composite. Both are attractive solutions and have advantages over each other. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • You can buy decking timber that comes from sustainable sources.
  • There are many different exotic timbers that you can use for the deck. Each brings a different color and attractive grain pattern.
  • Wooden decks can be sanded and recoated with preservative to make it look like new once more.
  • Composite decking will not rot over time.
  • It is easy to clean with a pressure washer.
  • It is durable and will not suffer pest infestation.

As you can see; you face a difficult decision when choosing which material to use.

Here are a few ideas for things to include that will make the area attractive and functional.


Perth decking by Patio Living often comes with an attractive canopy. The advantage of such a structure is that you can still use the space when there is a rain shower. The roof features frosted panels to allow the light through. They look fantastic if you install a set of conservatory roof blinds to get the right amount of shade to make you comfortable.

Outdoor Entertainment

You don’t want to miss out on television programs or other sources of entertainment while you relax outside, so why not install a television out there? There are many attractive TV enclosures on the market that are safe to use in such a situation. They will keep it dry and safe to use.

Fresh Air

If you move the table and chairs onto the deck, your children will take advantage of the fresh air more often than they do now. It is vital that we encourage our children to get outside at every opportunity. Many of them never leave the house except to go to school, and that is wrong. The dangers they face have always been there, we just hear about them more now thanks to improved communications.


If you put lots of planters on the deck and fill them with fresh flowers, the scent of them will help us all to relax and achieve a state of calm. They are beautiful to look at too. Why cut them and take them into the house, when you can enjoy them for longer on the deck?

As you can see, a new deck could change the way you do things around the home for the better. It will also make your garden attractive and could be the item that sells your house should you ever decide to move on. Don’t worry, they are easy to build, and you can enjoy one in your new home too.

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lisa December 8, 2014 - 11:50 am
We have a deck but it's nothing like the one shown here. I don't spend too much time on ours because of the bugs in the summer. I'd love to have ours screened it.
lindamanns January 20, 2015 - 1:20 pm
I would love a new deck at my house. Thank you for all these useful suggestions and information

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