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SponsoredTweets | Earn Money With Your Twitter Account

by Jenn

If you have a Twitter account, have you thought about making money with your tweets?  SponsoredTweets is another program owned by IZEA.  IZEA is responsible for other great programs such as SocialSpark and WeReward.  They combine businesses and social network users with a unique way to make money.

How does SponsoredTweets work?

SponsoredTweets is an online marketplace that gives you the opportunity to connect directly with advertisers to earn money with Twitter.  Advertisers are looking for people to help them promote a product, service, or website and look for Tweeters to help.  The advertisers compensate you for you efforts.

After you sign up you will receive emails when you have an offer and you have the option to accept or decline the offer.  If you do not want to help promote that service for whatever reason, decline the opportunity.

Tweets are in control of their accounts and there are never any tweets that are sent out without your consent.  The tweet must be approved by you before it is sent out to your followers.

How much money can you make?

That is hard to answer, it depends on how many times and how often the advertisers choose to work with you.  When you sign up for SponsoredTweets you will also set your prize.  Be careful not to set your price to high because then advertisers will not want to work with you, but don’t low-ball yourself either.  SponsoredTweets suggests a price during sign up, in my opinion I would stick with that so you know your price in not too high or low.

How do I get Paid?

Once you accept an opportunity you will be credit within 24 hours of your tweet.  You are able to withdraw funds once your account reaches $50.  Make sure to have a PayPal account.  SponsoredTweets will pay you via PayPal.

What do I think about SponsoredTweets?

I think this is an awesome way for tweets to earn extra money.  Bloggers can earn money off their social media presence as well.  I honestly enjoy any program that IZEA has to offer.  You always know you are getting quality work, nothing full of spam and junk, any IZEA program is a great way for you to earn money blogging or with your social media networks.  Remember you don’t have to be a blogger to sign up.

How do I sign up with SponsoredTweets?

Signing up is easy and doesn’t take long at all.  All you need is a Twitter account and a PayPal account.  To sign up visit the SponsoredTweets Website

If you would like to learn more about the other companies IZEA owns you can read my previous posts about them.

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Deborah D December 22, 2013 - 2:11 pm

I will have to check this out. It looks like a pretty good program!!!!


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