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Splash Math Review ~ Children’s Learning App ~ #FreeMathApp #MomBuzz

by Heather
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My daughter is in Pre-K and is still young enough to love everything SCHOOL! I should probably also mention that she is in love with everything technology as well; especially her iPad Mini! Don’t worry, we keep a very close eye on everything that she does on her iPad and we have every limitation known to man engaged but we still want her to have fun so we have made a point of downloading fun apps that also involve learning. That my friends is deviously intelligent parenting!

Enter Splash Math Apps.

As we all know, it is difficult to tell what an app will be like until you actually try it. For this reason, and because my daughter would have us spending hundreds of dollars a week, we try to focus on using free apps or at least apps that allow you to “try before you buy.” Have you noticed how many junky apps are out there? Especially the free ones! They claim to be educational and then you download them and there are only two words that come to mind, WOW … SERIOUSLY? That is not the case with Splash Math.

Splash Math has two apps, one focuses on Grades 1 to 5 and the other, kids in Preschool and Kindergarten (ages 3 to 6). My daughter falls into the Preschool and Kindergarten category so let’s start there, shall we?

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The prequel to the Splash Math Series is the Splash Math Preschool & Kindergarten app. This app was designed with children ages 3 to 6 in mind and introduces little ones to math in a fun, inviting way.

The Splash Math Kindergarten app is aligned to common core standards and focuses on numbers, counting, comparisons, addition concepts, subtraction, geometry, and measurement. This app is perfect with where my daughter is in her learning cycle as she just recently turned 5.

The only downside of this app is that some of the “games” require the ability to read. My daughter just turned 5 and does not know how to read. This isn’t a major problem as I tend to sit beside her and provide assistance or just play the role of an annoying parent anytime she is on her iPad. Hey, it is my job to keep her out of trouble, right? The problem is, much like her momma, my daughter is really independent and extremely bullheaded. Do not tell my husband that I admitted to that! She is always confident that she is able to do everything on her own, which I love, but sometimes this proves difficult when an app/game requires reading and your little one has not learned how to do so yet.

My daughter’s favorite part of this app is the cute animals. They are used as an incentive and pop up anytime a goal, set by parents, is achieved. As your little one reaches a goal, the animal they earn works to form a jungle. These animals are able to dance, roar, jump, and walk around all at the tap of the screen and my daughter things this is hilariously adorable. As the momma of a little one that struggles with numbers, our fingers are crossed that Splash Math will prove helpful!

In addition to being able to set practice levels and goals, this app is able to send out a weekly email report of your child’s progress and any weak spots that may pop up. My daughter loves this app and this mommy has been pleased as well. I am happy that she is working on her math skills without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated as this is something that we have struggled with more recently. This is a great app and one I recommend to any parent that would like to start strengthening your little one’s math skills sooner rather than later.


Splash Math Grades 1 to 5 app is a collection of fun and interactive math problems that are aligned to Common Core Standards. The app works on iPad, laptops, and desktops and works to reinforce math concepts with self-paced and adaptive practice anytime, anywhere. The app covers over 300 math concepts, has a scratchpad for rough work, provides an explanation for wrong answers, and contains virtual rewards and games. One is also able to monitor progress with a real-time progress dashboard.

Unfortunately, my daughter is a little too young for this app; however, I checked it out as she will be in first grade before I know it.

My daughter is an extremely hands on, visual learner so the program setup is perfect for her. This app focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, time, and number sense. The free version of the app allows your little one to access 20 math questions a day; which is perfect for the attention span of this age group. I love that the app is filled with colorful graphics, fun characters and sounds, and provides several methods to aid your child in learning and practicing their math skills. My favorite part of this app is that it allows children to sharpen their math skills outside of the classroom without feeling as though they are “strapped” into an educational environment. The easiest way to teach children is to make sure things are fun and Splash Math has certainly accomplished that goal!

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lindamanns December 22, 2014 - 4:41 pm

My grandkids would love this. I love these educational apps. Thank you for sharing this


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