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by Heather

165444ab041e51dd64041e2ce2e82fb38afb9ba7I suffer from sensitive skin; however, that isn’t always the biggest problem that I face. As far as my face is concerned, I am burdened with uneven skin tones, acne (at least once a month), blackheads, and combination skin. Needless to say, as a woman in my early thirties, there are still times when I feel as though I am a teenager and it is rather embarrassing. The sensitive skin does not stop at my face, nor do my problems! I get dry patches, small bumps, and once again, areas with uneven skin tones.

In an attempt to combat these rather unpleasant skin-periences (see what I did there?), I have tried a number of creams, washes, brushes, cleansers, pads, etc… I have experienced positive results in one or two areas, normally for short periods of time, but nothing amazing.

I have been told by a number of friends that I need a full out skin cleansing system that includes a cleaner brush; however, I have always been rather hesitant due to the price of such systems. After doing a little research and reading a number of positive reviews on the SONICLEAR, I took the plunge.

Stain and odor causing bacteria can grow on brushes when skin cells, makeup, and moisture combine with bacteria that cling to bristles between cleansings. One of the most appealing parts of the SONICLEAR is that it is the World’s First Anti-microbial Sonic Skin Cleansing System. What this means is that the system protects itself from microbial contamination. Think about it, cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brush.

Admittedly, I was nervous to use my SONICLEAR the first time because I was really worried that the bristles and movement of the brush would be too rough for my sensitive skin but I was pleasantly surprised. Another appealing part of the system is that it is said to remove makeup 6x better and cleanse 2x better than hands alone. Thanks to my uneven skin tone and blemishes I wear makeup anytime I go out socially. If I am heading to the grocery store or running an errand, you normally don’t find me dolled up but outside of small activities, makeup is in place. The problem is, wearing makeup only adds to the conditions that I suffer from so it is nice to have a system that cleans my face properly and does not add to the problems I am already battling.

The SONICLEAR Anti-microbial Skin Cleaning System comes with 1 Soniclear Device, 1 Facial Brush Head with Cover, 1 Body Brush Head with Cover, 1 Charging Stand, and 1 Charging Cord.

As someone that suffers from sensitive skin and multiple skin problems, I have to be honest in saying I have never established a real skin regimen as I have struggled to find one that works. That is another added bonus of the SONICLEAR System. It is waterproof which means I am able to grab it and take it with me into the shower for easy use during an everyday activity. This is a bonus because I did not have to establish a separate time to take care of my skin; a time that I would end up forgetting about. I tell my husband I am going to shower, my SONICLEAR is on the charger right next to the shower, and just seeing it reminds me to grab it as I step inside to wash. Perfect! Since this product can be used in the shower/bath, I should also note that it has a non-slip comfort grip. In other words, someone as clumsy as me hasn’t dropped and broken it … at least not to date.


On to the nuts and bolts …

The SONICLEAR has six speed options; three for the facial brush and three for the body brush so you can set the speed that is right for you. It even has a stimulating pulse options which actually feels amazingly good on the face. Even cooler, the system recognizes which brush head is attached automatically so the appropriate speed is used/delivered. As you look over the information for the system you will see that you are only supposed to hold the SONICLEAR in one area for a certain period of time (20 seconds for the face and 60 seconds for the body). Every time you are supposed to move the cleanser to another area, the SONICLEAR will beep letting you know! This is to ensure that you receive an even and thorough cleansing.

I keep the charging station on the counter in my bathroom; however, there are times when I feel as though it is taking up needed space. The SONICLEAR is supposed to hold a charge for up to 35 minutes of continuous use between charges; however, have charged after every use so I cannot say if this is true or not. I share this because if this is the case, you would only have to bring the charging station out and use it every so often. This would allow you to save space and store your SONICLEAR somewhere other than the counter. Again, for me, the counter top is just easier; it also increases the likelihood that I will remember to take the unit into the shower with me!

The SONICLEAR micro-massages away dirt and impurities and is able to protect itself from contamination. It comes with a two year warranty and celebrity fans of the Cleansing System include Lady Gaga and Oprah; that is saying something!

In the month (give or take a few days) that I have been using my SONICLEAR I have noticed that my skin tone appears more even, my skin is softer, I do not feel as though I am focusing on acne or blackheads like I was before. As an added bonus, the skin around my elbow area that used to be somewhat rough is really soft. I’m more comfortable when my husband runs his hands over my body, when my daughter rubs her cheek up against mine when she is sleepy, and when I look in the mirror and don’t see redness or icky-ness looking back at me.

While I understand and agree that the SONICLEAR Anti-microbial Skin Cleaning System is not cheap in the short term, it is well worth the investment in the long run. This is the first time I have used a Michael Todd product and after this experience, I definitely would shop from him again!

If you are in the market for a Skin Cleaning System, I highly recommend that you check out the SONICLEAR!






I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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