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Social Media Websites for Bloggers

by Jenn

Social media marketing is not a simple task, it takes work.  Creating accounts and posting your blogs content.  Social media isn’t just about advertising, even if you are a blogger you don’t simply just post your giveaways and split.  Social media is a wonderful way to increase traffic to your blog or website, but if you don’t conversant with your followers they won’t become true readers!

Social media accounts give users an opportunity to get to know their followers and website visitors.  Get to know your audience and engage with them accordingly, you want to be appealing to them.  Word of mouth exists online as well as on the streets!  If you say you are going to do something in a post DO IT! Follow up on comments or messages, it’s important you want to have a relationship with your readers, don’t you?! YES, it makes for a stronger more dedicated following!

Content is key, social media accounts can build traffic for sure, but it won’t last if you don’t have something to bring them back.  By posting only promotional content, your fans lose interest quickly.  Yes, the giveaways and freebies are fun, but if you were to stop all that how much of your following would you lose?  How many of you readers actually open your emails?  You would be surprised.

So what are the best blogger social media accounts?  Have you ever done a search on Google for social media accounts, if you have you’ll know the possibilities are endless.  How do you choose which are the best?

Choosing social media accounts can be hard work, I say try them.  Something may work wonderfully for me, but now so swell for you.  We are all different and enjoy different settings.  If a social media account isn’t working for you, don’t waste your time on it.  As a blogger you are already strapped for time the last thing you need to do is be stressed out using a program that doesn’t work for you.  Social media is an important part of blogging.

Best Social Media Accounts for Bloggers!

  • Facebook – This has been my most effective social networking website as a blogger. It’s easy to use and a wonderful way to develop a relationship with your readers.  It’s no surprise Facebook is the leader, there is currently over 350 million Facebook users.
  • Twitter – If you want everyone to know what is happening right now, send out a tweet! Twitter is an awesome social network, that can help increase traffic and build relationships.
  • LinkedIn – Create a company page for your business/blog and connect with others in your same line of work, build relationships, meet people from all over the world join groups and promote your personal brand.  LinkedIn can be a wonderful opportunity for not only bloggers but any business.
  • Digg – A wonderful place to post your content.  Why?  Digg is a website that people visit to discover and share content from all over the internet.
  • Stumbleupon – When you vote a site that hasn’t been voted up before you Discover it.  When you Discover content you write the first review.  If you have good content it can increase traffic to your blog. Remember content is key!  Stumbleupon is one of my favorite’s and really helps me build traffic.  If you’re not already using it, consider signing up for Stumbleupon.
  • Google Plus – Set up your profile and much like Facebook, add friends.  If you are a blogger you can choose to build an extra free
  • MySpace – Honestly I have not used Myspace in years.
  • Pinterest – This is one of my favorite.  A photo is worth 1000 word, you write a recipe post a photo on your blog, people see it, if it look amazing they will give it a whirl.  Pinterest is amazing post your photos and share them with all other Pinterest members.  If someone sees your photo on Pinterest they are able to click on it and visit your blog.  I have received a ton of traffic via Pinterest.  If you are not already on Pinterest I suggest giving it a try.
  • Delicious – Collect and show off your passions on the internet.  You can save what you like and search and enjoy others topics.  This is a wonderful place to find new fun, cool, exciting posts, photos, tweets. videos, etc.  Why not put yours here as well!
  • reddit –  is a community where users vote on content, create communities, comment on posts and its open source.
  • Instagram – Photo – and video based social interaction. .
  • YouTube – an awesome social media account.  Consider getting a YouTube account and live streaming on YouTube, this can really kick up on traffic juice for you blog or website.  People enjoy what they can see and hear, it can take your blog to the next level.

There are tons more amazing social media accounts such as; Foursquare, Yelp, etc.  This list could go on forever if we were to talk about all of them.  There’s also the online communities such as; Moms Blog Society, Cage Mom, etc.  These communities can be a wonderful place to communicate with other bloggers, moms, or people who share the same interests.

The plain simple fact is there’s enough social media networks out there to keep us busy, how do you choose what to use?  Really its simple, give it a try, if it doesn’t work don’t use it.  Just because Pinterest works for me, doesnt’ mean its going to work for everyone.  Maybe MySpace still works wonderful for you, it doesn’t mean its going to work for me.  Find what works for you and do it, don’t think that you have to use all these social media accounts.

I have 4 that I use consistently, because they do well for me.   I personally use Facebook and Twitter to really get our there and interact with my readers, get to know them,  I post all the photos that I think people will enjoy to my Pinterest boards.  Every time I post a new article I submit it to LinkenIn, Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, riddit, and Delicious.  That’s what works for me, but might not be what works for you.  Blogging is hard work and extremely time-consuming, you really don’t have time to mess with something that doesn’t work for you.  Find what does, don’t be afraid to try what’s new and stick with what works for you!

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Sandy July 23, 2012 - 2:36 am

Wonderful post Jenn I love it! I love Stumbleupon as well! I agree only use the ones that work no point in wasting time on thsoe that dont


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