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Smart Appliances from Best Buy and Whirlpool

by Erik

I remember a time before microwaves even existed. Do you remember those dark ages? Cooking in a regular old oven or stovetop for everything? Ugh. The horror. No 30 second instant reheat button (I love that button). Having to WAIT? No thank you. I am so glad those horrible times are in the past. And kitchen technology has not stood still since then. Now thanks to Best Buy and Whirlpool, we have microwaves that are smart. Not like Einstein smart, but definitely smarter than your average bear.


So, how smart is this new microwave (or any of these new appliances). How about smart enough to know how long to cook your frozen chimichanga? Or smart enough to know how long to cook your frozen pizza? Yes, I like frozen chimichangas and frozen pizza. Don’t judge me. Just pop your food in the microwave, scan a bar code and it starts cooking. Or maybe smart enough to know that when little Timmy (your high school linebacker son) comes home from school every day he is going to be heating up three or four chimichangas and a frozen pizza or two. It will learn and start suggesting preset cooking times and settings for Timmy.

And that’s just the microwave. Imagine being able to pop something in the oven and go grab a shower, and turn the oven off without having to race soaking wet through the house? Or leaving the house and being able to send a command to turn off your oven that you forgot to turn off but you’re too far away from home to turn around because you are running late to pick up Timmy who just got a concussion at football practice and you need to be there NOW.

Whatever the reason, the age of dumb appliances is coming to an end, and smart appliances are coming, and I say not soon enough. Oh, and did I mention that they come in bronze? As if Black Stainless steel wasn’t incredible enough, now they come in bronze. I might be starting to drool here. I need to go. And so do you, to Best Buy, to get your new kitchen appliances, in the latest elegant color. And did I also mention that you can get up to $400 off the purchase of new Whirlpool appliances at Best Buy?

Disclaimer: The author was compensated for this post in the form of a best buy gift card, however all opinions are my own. WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect. Appliances must be set to Remote Enable

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