Sisters, Sticky Situations, and Wet Ones!

by Jenn

Children seem to get into some of the craziest messes.  I’ve recently entered my toddler, Mattie into the Wet Ones Sticky Situations Contest.  She’s far more messy than sticky, but it was a sticky situation, lol.  Okay, muddy situation.

I look back at this picture and it always makes me smile.  It makes me smile because I remember everything I was feeling at that very moment.  Sometimes when children get into messes, its hard to keep yourself from getting upset.  However, this picture takes me back.  I remember how happy I was, how funny the look on her face was, and how busted her big sister was when I poked my head out the door and took the picture. 

See her oldest sister is 14, yes she put her up to this.  However, I don’t think Matte was upset by the fact that she was able to play in the mud and blame it all on her big sister.  When I look at this picture I remember my heart was full, I love to see my children get along and the bond that my oldest and youngest daughter have is unbreakable.  They love each other, and there’s nobody that will every hurt my Mattie when mom isn’t around as long as big sister is there, and there’s nobody that will hut my Catie as long as baby sister is around.

Growing up my sister and I didn’t have the best of relationship, we still don’t.  I wish things were different, but I can do is focus on my children and try my hardest to see that they leave this home loving one another, always knowing they can lean on their sister, always knowing they will be there for them, and when a sticky situation comes up they can always rely on their sister.

You know I thought I would get mad when one of my children take the fall for another, but I don’t.  That’s what sisters do, they help the other one out, and yes sometimes they not only take the fall, but they that the heat as well.  I have to say, I love my girl, and I love the fact that I know they have each other, and they will have each other always.  It’s something I stress, there’s no better feeling in the world.  They know they will always have a best friend.  They will always have someone who loves them, regardless of the stupid mistake they made the other day, regardless of the fight they had last week, regardless of what anyone’s says.  Regardless, they will always have each other to run to, to turn to, to cry to, to get mad at, to fight with, to stay up late and eat junk food with, to pick on each other.  Best of all they will always be sisters!

Something I realized is regardless of whether we win or lose the contest, this mommy is a winner.  She has beautiful girls that are smart enough to recognize the power of the loves sisters share.  I love my gals!

If you have a second, swing by and vote for little Miss Mattie in the Wet Ones Contest…. She’s the one full of mud, lol.  You can Vote Here.

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Cathie Shane December 7, 2012 - 1:29 pm
This is classic and she is so cute. LOVE the look on her face! Voted!

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