Simple Fall Meals with Marie Callender

by Heather

Disclaimer: Conagra Brands sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own.

Fall is in full swing. That means the lazy days of summer are over. Wait, did I just say “lazy”? My summer was anything but lazy. But with the return of fall there is even less time in my day. With school and homework layered on top of activities, cold weather and shorter days, it’s even harder to fit in the time to create a homemade meal. I mean, I’m normally a regular gourmet chef, whipping up fancy meals in minutes with the simplest of ingredients I have on hand; like the one time I created a fabulous 4 course dinner from a jar of mustard, two pickles and a bag of beef jerky.

Marie Callender

Ok, so back in reality, fall means a more hectic schedule and less time to cook. So when I need a simple go-to meal, I look to Marie Callender. Marie Callender’s Pot Pies are a life saver for me and my family. They are literally just what I would make for dinner, if I had the time. There are a variety to choose from so that my family doesn’t get tired of having the same thing every night (I do cook occasionally) and they are made from the kind of ingredients I would use to make dinner, if I had the time. Today we went with the Chicken Pot Pie. With big chunks of chicken, carrots and peas in a golden, flaky crust it is just the thing to satisfy my family on a chilly autumn evening.

Marie Callender

And now is the perfect time to stock up on Marie Callender’s Pot Pies with an awesome deal on Ibotta. You DO use ibotta right? I always check ibotta for deals before I go shopping and right now they have a deal to earn $.50 when you buy two Marie Callender’s or Banquet Pot Pies 16 oz or smaller.

So go on out to Wal-Mart now and stock up for the white death that is sure to come. Just kidding, I live in Cincinnati, we’re lucky if we get any snow. Make sure your family has enough to eat this fall. Quick, simple, wholesome meals that the whole family is going to love, and I don’t have to spend hours cooking. That’s a win.

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Lauryn R June 8, 2022 - 2:53 pm
I love Marie Callenders pot pies! When it comes to frozen pot pies, they are the only ones that I buy. My favorite is the chicken parmesan. They definitely make am easy and quick, yet delicious, meal!

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