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Save Money on Your Next Computer

by Jenn

So you’re in need of a new computer but need to shop on a budget.  Computers can cost a pretty penny, but their money well spent.  Honestly don’t know what I would do without my computer.  There are ways to save money while shopping for you new computer.  Here are a few tips to think about when shopping for a computer.

Make a list of what you already have.

Unless you don’t have a computer you’ve got hardware and software that you’ll need your new computer to be compatible with.  Start an inventory list, including items that you already have such as:

  • Software
  • External drive
  • Scanner
  • Printers
  • Web Camera
  • Accessories – cables, adapters, etc. (are they in good shape or do you need new ones?)

Make a list of what’s important to you.

Making a list of what features are important for you next computer to have is an important step.  Know what software is essential.  Will a bundle deal work best for you?  Do you need an external drive, scanner, printer, web camera, etc.  Find out what models you have or are going to purchase.

Make sure and list what is a necessity and what is an extra, you might end up needing to make do without certain software.  Purchasing something you NEED is important, while purchasing something you want is a perk.  It’s nice and a plus if you’re able to get a wireless mouse, but it’s not a must have.

Know What Your Looking For

Before you begin shopping for deals and searching for coupons it’s important to know what brand, model, features, etc that you’re looking for you in your new computer.  If you going into it knowing exactly what you want, you’ll be able to conduct a better search for deals and computers coupon codes.

Take Advantage of the Holiday

It’s almost the Fourth of July, take advantage of special Fourth of July deals and sales.  You’ll be surprised how many retailers take advantage of almost any holiday with deals and sales.  With Fourth of July right around the corner there’s bound to be great deals out there.  There’s always awesome holiday sales going on, take advantage of them!

Coupon Codes

Looking online for the best coupon codes can save you a bundle.  To start Google computer coupon codes, Newegg promo codes, Dell promo codes, etc. You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll save by searching for the best coupon codes.  Coupons can save you someblank money if your shopping for a pricy item such as a computer.

Shopping Around

Don’t settle, shop around. If you find a computer that you know you’re going to want to buy search around for the best deal at different retailers.  You’ll often be able to find the same computer for much cheaper at a different online retailer.  Be sure to know what your options are, and look around before you purchase.

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