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by Heather

Verified Codes on PNB

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Verified Codes and a campaign with Sverve. Regardless, all opinions are still 100% my own.

As a seasoned couponer, with a stockpile in my basement to prove it, I have developed the need to save anytime I am shopping; no matter what I am shopping for. Yes, I said NEED because normally the first price that you see is not the lowest price that you can purchase an item for. Be it groceries, pizza, a new car, clothes, furniture; you name it and there is normally a better deal out there just waiting to be found. Don’t you love to save money? After making a purchase, wouldn’t you walk away happier knowing that you got the best bang for your buck?

While savings is always a good thing, there is unfortunately a cost that goes along with bargain shopping …. time. As a couponer and extreme deal hunter, I can tell you that not only do such efforts take time; they also take blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, the only time I have ever bled is when I got a paper cut while cutting coupons but the sweat and tears, they are very real! Where was it? Oh yes, time! It takes time to hone ones technique, to learn how breakdown offers, to remember simple math skills, do research, and gather essential information prior to making a purchase. I have been at this for years and have to admit that there have been times when even I have wanted to throw in the towel, take the easy way out, and just go shopping. But have no fear, the force is strong within and I will succeed!

I am a skilled couponer; that is not a problem. I have even learned how to wheel and deal with salesmen; that is not a problem. One of my biggest pet peeves is online shopping because there have been many times, more than I care to admit, when I take the time to research savings, hunt for promo codes, go to apply them at checkout and they DO NOT WORK! Can you say frustrating? I can’t tell you the number of times I have hunted and hunted and hunted and actually considered throwing my computer out the window. The problem with that is then I would have to start looking up deals on a new computer, new window, and screens. That would just mean extra work so talk myself through the anger. Seriously, how many times have you tried to do something simple like purchase a pizza with a promo code that you found online to give you a percentage off, a free hoagie/breadsticks, or just free delivery? How many times have the codes not worked? It is infuriating! I just want some pizza at rock bottom prices!! ;)

All is not lost now that there is a new player on the scene. Repeat after me … Verified Codes. Yes, you read that correctly, Verified Codes. Now, there is a way to save time and money at the same time!

About Verified Codes

Featuring coupons and deals for over 25,000 online retailers, Verified Codes is the ultimate resource for online shoppers, with a database that updates every 15 minutes.

In addition to being the home of 50%+ off coupons and deals, Verified Codes also offers a daily email that lists new 50%+ off coupons and deals for top retailers on the web.

Verified Codes does just what the name suggests, they verify all coupons before they go live on their site and subscription emails. Even better, as soon as they expire, they are instantly removed. Did you miss the daily email? No problem, the sidebar on their website lists coupons with the biggest savings along with soon-to-expire coupons and deals.

So how do they do it? In order to acquire exclusive, brand-verified coupons, Verified Codes works directly with the web’s largest brands.

Are you a Google Chrome user? In addition to having a website, Verified Codes is available through a Chrome extension as well. This is perfect for me as I am normally in a rush when online. If I forget to go to the website, Verified Codes will remind me of potential savings prior to checkout.

Verified Codes PS for PNB

How does it work?

The bright orange button at the right side of our graphic is where the real savings begin.

Verified Codes allows you to search deals, browse coupons, or search by store name. On the website, you are also able to search by new or recent codes, recent deals, and deals that will be expiring soon.

Simply run your search, watch the deals stack up, and let the savings begin!

Save time and money by visiting Verified Codes today!

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Verified Codes and a campaign with Sverve. Regardless, all opinions are still 100% my own.

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lindamanns January 16, 2015 - 3:13 pm
This does sound like a real time saver and also a way to get the best deals. I will have to check this out. I do hate it when promo codes do not work and it has happened to me more often than I can count. Thank you for sharing
lisa January 16, 2015 - 5:18 pm
This is new to me. I'll have to check into it. I used to clip coupons, but got tired of keeping track of the exp. dates.

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