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by Heather

August Audio Fest is in full swing a Best Buy stores. Between now and August 30, 2014 Best Buy will feature one month of deals, audio specials, and other great events. Since we moved into our home in October I’ve been telling my husband that something is missing… MUSIC! It wasn’t until I mentioned heading out to Best Buy that his ears perked up and he had the keys in hand within moments. I have to admit, Best Buy has the best selection of audio products that I’ve ever seen and it’s easy to spend hours in the store moving from one beautiful, sparkling gadget to the next. It’s like a candy store for techies. As it is now August and we have been sitting without music for the last 10 months we were absolutely stoked to find out that we were selected to experience the Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System. We received the amazing Samsung Wireless Audio-Multiroom HUB and two awesome Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers!

Samsung Wireless speaker HUB

Now, most of the time I leave the tech stuff to the hubby. So when our Samsung system arrived, I pointed the hubby at it and said “go set it up.” He dutifully went into the office and set it up. While he was doing that he kept me apprised of what was going on.

I should warn you, the times are actually rounded up.

“Ok, I’m plugging in the hub.”

1 minute later, “Unpacking the speaker.”

1 minute later, “Plugging in the speaker.”

1 minute later, “Downloading the app on my phone.”

1 minute later, “App’s downloaded, it’s updating something on the speaker.”

3 minutes later, I hear music blaring from the speakers.

Now keep in mind it’s about 11 at night. Before I can yell at him to turn it down, my daughter wakes up, looks around, gets off the couch and wanders in the study looking for daddy.

So curious I wander after her just to see what’s going on.

“Daddy, can I come in?”

“Sure baby.”

“Daddy, can I sit on your lap?”

“Of course baby.”

“Daddy, I’m cold, can you cover me up?”

“I sure can baby.”

“Daddy, is this the chair you used to rock me to sleep in?”

“Yes it is baby.”

She start’s fiddling with his phone.

“Let’s listen to this song daddy. It’s from Brave, I like it”

On comes “Learn Me Right.”

Then “Touch the Sky.”

Then “Roar.”

So yes, there was my husband. Listening to all the girl power songs my daughter loves (that were already on his phone mind you) as he was rocking her to sleep, just like she was 3 months old all over again (well, minus the loud music blaring at a volume of 11).

 Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Black

Yes, I have an awesome life and amazing husband and I am thankful for that daily. I’m sure you had your, “That is so cute!” moment and I appreciate that but I am sure you would rather hear more about the actual SYSTEM versus the cuteness that ensued in our home office. So let’s get to that!

Enhance your home entertainment experience and upgrade your sound with Best Buy and the Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System! Thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity you’ll be sending music from your library or favorite App straight to your speakers in moments. This expandable system allows music to follow you anywhere you go in your home.

My husband’s favorite thing about this system is that he is able to control music throughout our home by just pressing a few buttons on his phone. He thought he was cute the other night when he went into our bedroom to “make the bed” and suddenly the house was filled with music. The volume was going up and down, the songs were changing, and when I finally walked in the room he was cracking up like a little kid. I couldn’t help but shake my head and giggle. How awesome is it that technology now allows us to control our home speakers from our cellphones? The SHAPE system allows users to enjoy music stored on their iOS or Android device, PC or Mac, and your television too thanks to near-filed communication technology and the Bluetooth interface.

Right now, you can purchase the Samsung Speaker Hub on for $49.99 and Samsung Speaker on for $299 each. If you are a lover of music it is definitely worth it!


  • Samsung WAM250/ZA hub designed for use with WAM750/751 wireless speakers and select Apple and Android devices
  • Compatible with iOS 4.3 or later or Android 2.3.3 or later and computers with Windows XP or later and Mac OS X 10.0 or later operating systems
  • Easy home network connection to enjoy Pandora, Amazon Cloud Palyer, Rhapsody, and other music services
  • Allows for creation of whole-home audio solution
  • Multiple device capability
  • Easy setup

Whether you are in the market for a single speaker in one room or a multi room system, Best Buy is able to help! Visit any store this month to test and try the latest and greatest in audio. Stop in and let Best Buy teach you how to upgrade your sound so you can LOVE THE WAY YOU LiSTEN! Be sure to stop by and learn more about Best Buy’s August Audio Fest before heading out to the store.


Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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