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Samsung Open House at Best Buy ~ Exploring a New Level of Flexibility

by Heather

Flexibity. It’s not just for yoga instructors and circus performers. Really it’s not. These days flexibility is right at home in the kitchen. And I don’t mean because you have a TV and a yoga mat in the kitchen. I’m talking about appliances. I like appliances that have flexibility built in to them. No, I’m still not talking about yoga, obviously, because appliances can’t do yoga.


So you are probably wondering what I am talking about. I am referring to the new Samsung Flex Duo range and the Samsung 4-Door Flex refrigerator, both of which are available at the Samsung Open House at Best Buy. Here’s the nice thing about these appliances. Wait for it…They’re flexible. Did you see that one coming?

Do you need a lot of refrigerator space but only a little freezer space. One of the four compartments in the Samsung 4-Door Flex fridge converts from a freezer to a refrigerator. You can switch it back and forth as you need. Not only does it keep all your food super organized, but you can switch back and forth from freezer to refrigerator! I mean, why did we not get this before 2015? That is like Genius.

 samsung refer 3

Or do you need to bake two different kinds of cookies at once? Or a turkey and stuffing and green bean casserole all at once? The Samsung Flex Duo Range lets you do that. With 5 stove top burners and TWO ovens, all in the space of a standard electric range you can bake a whole lot of stuff without having to worry about conflicting temperatures or moving things around to find room. Trust me. I actually have a Flex Duo Range. I use it all the time. When you have one oven, you make do. When you have two ovens, you don’t make do; you make them work for you. When you have flexibility in your appliances, you make them work… Oh wait, I already said that. When you have flexibility in your appliances you make cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. And the hubby takes them in to work, earns praise from his co-workers, which earns him raises and fame and glory. At least that’s my plan. He hasn’t earned the raise yet, but I know it’s coming any day now. Really, I believe that.

 Samsung range 1

So get out to a Samsung Open House at Best Buy today and check out these special offers today:

– Save an additional 10% off 4+ Samsung Major Kitchen Appliances (Runs through 11/3)

– Save an additional 10% with the purchase of 3 or more Samsung Chef Collection appliances. (Runs through 12/31)

– Buy $3000 in Samsung Kitchen Appliances and receive a $300 prepaid card (Runs through 10/31)

Go now and see what it means to have flexibility in your kitchen.


About the Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex™

  • Versatile, Bottom-Right Door converts from Fridge to Freezer in a touch of a button between fresh and frozen as needed to expand/contract based on your cooling needs.
  • This spacious refrigerator keeps your groceries organized with crisper drawers and an adjustable shelf.
  • Chill your favorite drinks or firm up ice cream in minutes. Power Cool and Power Freeze options can lower the temperature of either compartment in minutes.
  • The bottom-right compartment can be used as a fridge or freezer with 4 different temperatures to choose from, maximizing fresh food storage space.

About the Samsung Flex Duo® Range

  • The Samsung Flex Duo Range splits in to two ovens so you can cook two dishes simultaneously at two different temperatures or have one single oven to be able to cook that large turkey.
  • Cook for large gatherings with this Samsung electric range, which features 5 cooktop elements and a warming drawer. FlexDuo technology and Dual Door technology let you program separate compartments with 2 different temperatures for versatile cooking.
  • Dual Door with Smart Divider opens either separately or as one door for versatile cooking options.
  • FlexDuo technology enables you to cook at 2 different temperatures at once.
  • Warming center burner keeps sauces and side dishes hot until they’re ready to be served.
  • Warming drawer offers 3 settings to accommodate different dishes.

Experience the Samsung Open House at Best Buy Stores or Pacific Kitchen & Home Stores inside Best Buy Stores. Click HERE to learn more about these new Samsung Open Houses and click the store locator link to find a store near you.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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lisa October 26, 2015 - 12:23 pm

Love the fridge. Our home came with appliances. At the time, I was thrilled because it saved us some money. They’re so out dated and really need to be updated. I think I just saw our next fridge. I’ll have to take some measurements to see if it’ll fit. Our kitchen is large, but oddly laid out.

Heather Pfingsten October 26, 2015 - 1:33 pm

I am absolutely in love with this refrigerator. Oddly, I am even totally digging the black stainless. I want to run to the store and just stare at how beautiful it is. It doesn’t hurt that it is currently on sale, either!


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