Rethink Cleaning with a Hoover® React™ Cordless Vacuum

by Karen Hand

Yes, it is time for spring cleaning. This means you need the proper tools.  Ones that you know are dependable and do a good job.  Such is the Hoover® React™ Cordless Vacuum.

Rethink Cleaning with a Hoover® React™ Cordless Vacuum

Cleaning is always a chore, which no one likes, but to keep a clean home, it is a necessity.  Especially, if you have pets in the home, this chore must be done daily.  However, to make your life easier, you have the Hoover® React™ Whole Home Cordless Pet Vacuum.

Hoover vacuum

Thank you Hoover® for providing me with a Hoover React Whole Home Cordless Pet Vacuum.  Model umber BH53220 for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

If you have never owned a Hoover® React™, you will be astonished at the many features of this vacuum.  The very first thing you need to do after opening the box is to read the User Manual, so you connect all parts correctly.  The model that I received included a Dusting Brush, Pivoting Extension, Deluxe Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Powered Stair Tool, and a Reach Wand Tool Storage Clip.  Standard with all models, your new vacuum includes a Handheld, Powered Nozzle, Reach Wand, One PWR™ Lithium Battery, Charger and Wall Mount.

I love the fact that this vacuum is cordless.  My old vacuum was corded and it was such a hassle to unplug the vacuum every time I moved into a different room.  Another feature that I appreciate is that I don’t have to contend with any vacuum bags.  Nor do I have to prop the vacuum up against the wall since a Wall Mount is included with all Hoover® vacuum models.  But, the best feature of this vacuum is a FloorSense™ technology.  Now you ask exactly what that is.  This means that your “Hoover® React™ automatically optimizes cleaning performance on carpets and hard floors.  On carpets, the FloorSense™ automatically increases the brush roll speed to lift deep-down embedded dirt.  Whereas, on hard floors, the FloorSense™ automatically slows the brush roll to prevent scattering of dirt across the floor.  When the FloorSense™ is active, the dashboard will illuminate indicating ‘FloorSense™’”.  So, while you are using your Hoover® React™, you don’t have to stop and change the switch from carpet to floors and vice versa.  It’s done automatically for you.

Now, let’s talk about power.  All the features of any vacuum won’t do you any good unless you have a powerful motor to suck up all the dirt, dust and whatever.  Since I have both a dog and a cat, it is imperative that I have a vacuum that works well.  I am totally amazed at how powerful the Hoover® React™ Vacuum works.  Just look at how much crud it picked up on my dining room rug with just a couple of passes.

Hoover Vacuum Basin

My cat is especially messy and every time he uses the litter box, he kicks out the litter on the floor.  No problem with the cleanup with a Hoover® React™ vacuum.



Toby’s cat stand is also a problem with trapping his shedding hair, so I used the Crevice Tool and got it clean in just a matter of minutes. We love the Hoover Vacuum.

Before using the Hoover vacuum


After using the Hoover vacuum


The React™ Whole Home Cordless Pet Vacuum has an odor minimizing filter and specialized pet tools.  Its new WindTunnel Surge is paired with a lightweight design to help you tackle deep down embedded dirt and dust, not only on the floor but also up high.  I love the fact that you can use this vacuum for multi-floor cleaning, handheld cleaning, or up high cleaning since the dashboard is removeable from the wand.  And changing accessories is a breeze.   You do so simply by pushing a release button and pushing your other accessory into the Handheld until it clicks.  Plus, emptying the dirt is easy, as well.  Press the Handheld release button and pull to separate from the Reach Wand.  Remove your battery and hold the Handheld over a trash bin and press the dirt empty button.  I suggest you clean your Hoover® React™ Vacuum after each use to prolong the life of the vacuum by following the maintenance suggestions in the User Manual.

Your Hoover® React™ Cordless Vacuum with its Lithium Ion Battery cleans up to three times longer and will run approximately 45 minutes between charges.  However, check the charge level indicator on your vacuum for verification.  Charging time takes between one and three hours.

If your model vacuum does not come equipped with all the accessories that I received, you can order accessories at  Of course, you will also want to visit the Hoover Facebook page, as well as their Twitter page.  Stop by their You Tube, and Pinterest pages, too.  You can even customize your cleaning experience with the Exclusive Hoover® App.

Why spend the effort to only half clean your house, when you can clean your whole house with the Hoover® React™ Whole Home Cordless Pet Vacuum in a fraction of the time.  While this vacuum is specifically designed for pet owners, pet ownership is not required.  Go out and enjoy the sun and fun instead with the time you save using this Hoover vacuum.

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