Quality Stainless Steel Grater & Zester From Chef’s Necessities #StainlessSteelGraterZester

by Heather

5529e28ca313b7f64591f8e962dac08d6116f396_1The hubby has a lot of tools. Among the category of “men that are handy with tools” I’m pretty sure he is not unique in that regard. If you ever try to have a conversation with any of these men about why they have so many tools it will probably go something like this:

“Why do you have this <insert tool name here> tool?”

“I used that three years ago to fix the door to the attic.”

“But why didn’t you use this other <insert other tool name here> tool? It’s exactly the same.”

“No it’s not, it’s the wrong size and the handle is too long, I needed a shorter handle to fit. I could have tried using the other one, but it would have taken longer and stripped the part and I would have scraped the crap out of my knuckles. I may not use it every day, but there’s no substitute for having the right tool when you need it. ”

And that last line is the truth. There’s nothing like having the right tool handy when you need it. Whether you are working on a car and need a 3/8” deep socket and only have a 5/16” regular socket. Or you are fixing a door and need a #1 Philips head screwdriver and all you have is a ¼” flathead screwdriver. Or you are in the kitchen making a key lime pie and you NEED some lime zest and you don’t have a zester. What are you supposed to do? You could use a knife and shave some lime zest by hand. Have you ever tried it? It’s not fun. You could use a regular cheese grater, but you still have to chop it up into the little pieces and you get too much of the white stuff. I know because until I got the Chef’s Necessities 2 in 1 Zester and cheese grater that’s what I had to do. And the white stuff is gross. It’s like all bitter and not tasty. When you need orange or lemon or lime zest, you need a zester. It’s like a necessity in the kitchen. Get it? It’s a “necessity?”  A Chef’s Necessity. No one ever gets my humor.

bfd1b4512297bdceae09662e460f82aaf38d6101ABOUT CHEF’S NECESSITIES STAINLESS STEEL GRATER & ZESTER

  • Quality stainless steel with snap-on plastic cover for lasting sharpness and years of use
  • Ergonomically designed handle offers an easy grip whether you’re grating a hard cheese or zesting a lemon
    Rubber feet help hold grater in place during use and protect your counter from scratches
  • 2-in-1 tool helps keep kitchen clutter to a minimum while still giving you the flexibility you need for a variety of tasks


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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