Principles of Peace

by Erik

Principles of Peace

Easter is coming. And the approach of Easter means it’s time to spend some time on reflection. I’d like to spend some time today talking about someone who embodies some of the core principles of peace and who has helped bring them back to my life. What are the eight principles of peace? Faith, Hope, Repentance, Prayer, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion and Scripture.

Now who is the amazing person that has brought these back into my life? My seven year old daughter. It’s true that there is an innocence about children, and while she is innocent, there is also an old soul quality about her that sometimes makes me think of someone who has lived many years instead of just a few.

Compassion. We coupon and stockpile. A few times a year we try to go through our stockpile and donate to a local food bank at a church. As we are doing that, inevitably she starts looking through her toys. Why? Because she wants a little girl to be able to go to the food bank and get a toy to make them happy.


Gratitude. We all say thank you many times over the course of a day. How often do you mean it? For most people it is probably just an automatic reaction. With my daughter, to hear her say “thank you momma” is to hear true gratitude.

Hope. For more than one reason, my daughter embodies hope. For many years we thought we couldn’t have children. Obviously we were wrong. When you experience a miracle, it kind of renews your faith and gives you hope that anything can happen. And that is kind of what Easter is all about, Miracles and Hope.

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