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Pink Ninja Blogger Get a Make-Over!

by Jenn

Hey all my awesome readers, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Pink Ninja Blogger will be getting a make-over very soon!  I am super-duper excited and cannot wait for Ro over at Mommy Blog Designs to take control of my blog and install the cutest theme around!

I cannot wait and I wanted to let everyone know that if for some reason you notice something crazy going on, like things moving and changing while you’re on Pink Ninja Blogger, its just finally getting it’s theme!  A much-needed theme, THAT IS FABULOUS! 

This mommy blogger cannot wait for Pink Ninja to be as awesome as my other blogs!  Yepie, stay tuned come back often, I know you are going to totally love it!   Now ole Pink Ninja will be AMAZING! 

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