Personalized Letter Package from Santa Review #santawillwrite

by Heather


It’s Christmastime! Did you stay up all night keeping an eye out for Santa? Did you try to do the math over and over trying to figure out how he was able to make it from country to country and deliver presents to millions of children all in one night? When we are younger, all that we want is PROOF that the big guy exists. Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than hardcore, tangible proof. Anytime we are told to believe in the power of magic and that we don’t need to see to believe, we desperately want something right in front of us to prove that very thing is real.

I remember a couple of times when I was little, if I had to guess I would say I was around my daughter’s age so about 5 of so and I received a letter from Santa. SERIOUSLY A REAL LETTER FROM THE JOLLY OLD ELF HIMSELF! The letter told me how good of a girl I had been, what I needed to work a little harder on, and a reminder to listen to my parents! I even have the letter in my baby book.


I recently found a way to request a letter from the rosy cheeked, man in red himself, as well as a certificate confirming that your little one is indeed on the Nice List, and some other goodies and I knew for sure this would be perfect for my little one. The day the bright red, shiny envelope arrived, addressed to my daughter, she shrieked with excitement. She NEVER receives mail and at the age of five she is not able to read much BUT she is able to read her name and she KNEW this beautiful piece of mail was for her. She was so excited telling mommy and daddy that she had received mail. She was jumping around, yelling, and trying to tear into the envelope with all of her might. We all know that feeling when we receive mail that isn’t a bill, right? I know I have done a happy dance a time or two so I totally get it. We sat down, as a family, and opened her package and I proceeded to show her every single item in the envelope and read the accompanying letters from Santa and Rudolph!

We received the Deluxe Package which features a Personalized Letter from Santa, a Shiny Red Envelope with Address Label Art, Magic Santa Dust, Original (high quality) Stationery, a Postage Stamp from the North Pole, a Personalized Letter from Rudolph, a Decorated “Nice List” Certificate that is absolutely beautiful, Make-A-Santa’s Workshop Sticker Sheets, Glitter Holiday Tattoos, and a Christmas Game Board.


The sparkle in her eyes as they lit up with joy and all the amazing wonder and spirit that comes with the Christmas season was breathtaking. I know that these little moments will be the ones that she holds on to and remembers as she gets older and they are creating memories that I will carry with me through the rest of my days. I can only hope that when she becomes a parent she will be able to introduce the magic of Christmas in a way that allows her to see the same look on her child’s face and the sparkle in their eyes.

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Think it may be too late in the season for such fun and games? We suggest you hang on to this company’s name and URL for next year … you won’t regret it!

From our family to yours … Merry Christmas!

Disclosure: Free product was received to facilitate this review in conjunction with Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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