PAW Patrol: New Line Look

by Heather

If your littles are anything like mine, they are impatiently awaiting the Friday, August 20th release of PAW Patrol: The Movie in theaters and on Paramount+.  As lovers of the franchise since the beginning, I can’t say that I ever imagined we would find ourselves preparing for a movie release BUT… here we are!

To get us excited for the big event, Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment have released an all-new line look of the top-selling PAW Patrol catalog titles of 2020. What is cute about this is each DVD features a faceplate that showcases a fan-favorite pup. Also included, is a large stick that introduces each pup’s unique movie look.

A special THANK YOU to Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment for sending us all six new line look PAW Patrol DVDs!

Wondering who will be featured in the PAW Patrol catalog release?  Mighty Pups (featuring Chase), Ultimate Rescue (featuring Marshall), Ready, Race, Rescue (featuring Skye), Jungle Rescues (featuring Rocky), The Great Pirate Rescue (featuring Rubble), and Pups Save Puplantis (featuring Zuma).


I can still remember snuggling up with my oldest daughter, Mini Me, and watching PAW Patrol on Nickelodeon. The songs are cute and catchy, catchy enough you will find yourself humming them while doing mundane work around the house, and we couldn’t wait to see what adventure the pups would go on that day.

As my daughter got older and started to phase out of younger cartoons, I had to wait, what seemed like forever, before my nephews came along and I found a new generation to enjoy new adventures with. Now, as my second born inches close to her 1st birthday (in just a matter of days), it’s fun to watch her bop around to the music and watch the pups on our big screen at home. While she isn’t old enough to understand the storyline, it’s been amazing to watch her eyes light up and her little grin consisting of two teeth, while she bounces to the music. It brings back memories and we are creating new ones to last a lifetime.

To say the new additions to our home entertainment collection have been a hit would be an understatement. I’m starting to wonder if we are going to wear-out the collection before we reach her second birthday!


As a parent, anytime I am looking for entertainment for my little ones, I’m on the lookout for great characters that provide fun while spreading a positive message. PAW Patrol provides kids with a fun way to see and learn about being brave; about being a hero. I love that each pup is inspired by a real-world job such a fire fighter and construction worker and each story is exciting without being scary for little ones. Can we also take a moment to focus on the PAW Patrol theme or motto? The pups believe “no job is too big, no pup is too small”, I don’t think I need to explain why I love this, it’s self-explanatory.

Giving back and helping others has always been a message that we work to instill in our kids. We have participated in food drives, clothing drives, help package necessities for those in need, and volunteer when and where we are able. Each episode of PAW Patrol focuses on helping others in need ~ LOVE! As a girl mom, I also love that courtesy of Skye and Everest, we are reminded that girls are FIERCE and able to do as much as boys.


Teamwork! Teamwork has been a theme in my life for as long as I can remember. From being one of three kids, to preschool, all through college, and getting a corporate job. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard … TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! Unfortunately, as annoying as it can be, it is absolutely, 100% true. As a newer mom of two, it is SO important and the pups ALWAYS work together to serve and protect. They focus on the important of listening to and following directions, which parents LOVE. Last but not least, the focus on respect for our first responders.


The top-selling 2020 catalog release DVDs can be found in brick-and-mortar stores for a suggested retail price of $11.99. Rather shop online? You’ll be looking at DVD bundles that will include stickers that showcase the movie pups in all-new CGI animation. For the PAW Patrol DVD bundles: Mighty Pups/Pups Save Puplantis 2-Pack (featuring Chase & Zuma), Ready, Race, Rescue/The Great Pirate Rescue 2-Pack (featuring Skye & Rubble), and Ultimate Rescue/Jungle Rescues 2-Pack (featuring Marshall & Rocky). Each bundle will be shrink-wrapped together and available for the suggested retail price of $16.99.

Plus, Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment are releasing a separate 3 TV Movie Pack featuring all three PAW Patrol TV movies. This 3 DVD gift set, which also includes a large sticker sheet featuring characters from PAW Patrol: The Movie, is the perfect addition to any fan’s collection. The 3 TV Movie Pack will include all three original TV movies (Mighty PupsReady, Race, Rescue, and Jet to the Rescue) for the suggested retail price of $19.99.


Want to throw the ultimate PAW Patrol Summer Party? Check out themed recipes, games, décor, and more by clicking the DOWNLOAD square below!

Are your little one(s) fans of PAW Patrol? Watch a few episodes with them and they will be … you will be, too.


Check out this fun Behind the Scenes Featurette for PAW Patrol: The Movie!



Disclaimer: We received complimentary copies of the new line look PAW Patrol DVDs from Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment to assist us with this post. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

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