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by Heather


In junior high I was extremely active and played soccer and volleyball at the same time. I ran a lot and was an extremely aggressive player. Unfortunately, that aggressiveness turned into two broken ankles. Yep, you read that right, I broke my right ankle, it healed, I continued playing sports, and then eventually broke my left ankle. In my opinion, breaking bones not only has a lasting effect on the strength of that area of the body but it also has an impact on the joints. To this day, when I rotate my ankles they pop. It is really strange and something that I don’t ever see going away. Is this going to be a long term problem? The jury is still out.

Since my mid-twenties I have experienced joint paint and problems. It started in my hips and then settled into my knees which made it extremely difficult to exercise and sometimes even difficult to walk for long periods of time. I would bend and my knees would crack, which is more embarrassing in a group setting than one would imagine, and at times I even had difficulty standing upright after minutes of stooping. After little to no thought, I determined what I was having problems because I had picked up some extra weight and changed my habits. It’s amazing the difference 20 pounds can make. Problem solved.

More recently, I have been experiencing a great deal of pain in my toes. I am yet to determine what is causing the problem and my primary care physician seems to be rather stumped as well. I take vitamins daily and follow a fairly healthy diet; not counting chocolate, so I am uncertain what is causing the problem. It is extremely painful and sometimes I have difficulty walking for long periods of time. As a busy mom that is constantly on the go, not to mention only 33 years old, this is something that I dread daily. I have been looking for a solution to this problem and recently, I may have found one.

Enter Number One Glucosamine.

A supplement used to help maintain healthy joints; this product contains Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM. Glucosamine is responsible for building cartilage, ligaments, and tendons which protect joints and allow the body to move freely. Chondroitin assists joints in being more flexible and elastic. MSM is essential in the creation of collagen, elastin, and cartilage which ensures healthier joints.

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM naturally occurs in our bodies; however, as we age, their production decreases. In other words, the bone protecting cartilages thin which means the bones are not protects when there is movement.

Do you suffer from joint pain, joint stiffness, or joint cracking and popping? Are you unable to exercise because of such conditions? This supplement was made for you.

I don’t spend the day rotating my ankles back and forth so I am unable to truly assess how well Number One Glucosamine is working for that part of my body. What I am able to tell you is that since I started taking this supplement I have noticed that my toes hurt less. Do I still have days when I experience pain? I would be lying if I said no; however, it is not nearly as severe and it is not as frequently as it was before. I have only been taking Number One Glucosamine for a few weeks and I imagine, like most supplements, that this supplement needs to be taken for an extended period of time before the full effects are felt. What I am able to say is that what I have experienced thus far is enough to convince me to continue usage.

If you suffer from joint problems, I recommend you try Number One Glucosamine to see if it is able to help alleviate your suffering.

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